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Dog’s Most Favorite Person In The World Aside From Her Family Is A USPS Mailman! [Video]



  • Winnie has developed a special friendship with their USPS mailman.
  • Everyday she would go out to wait for him and when he arrives, he pets her and gives her treats.
  • In general, Winnie is a very friendly dog, but her love for her family and their mailman is always special.

Winnie, a 4-year-old dog, considers the visit of her favorite USPS mailman as the best part of her day. 

Everyday, she would go out, and sit by the mailbox waiting to meet her mailman and nothing can stop her, not rain, nor snow. This sweet routine has been going on for quite a while as Ellen Paul, Winnie’s mom can remember.

Photo Credit: @ellenmpaul (Instagram)

“Winnie watches from a bed I put in the front bay window for him to come on the street,” Ellen told The Dodo. “[She] knows when his truck is a few houses away on our side of the street, and if she is inside, she will start to pace and cry to let me know that she wants to be let outside to see him.”

The mailman too is always happy to see Winnie. He would stop to pet her and give her treats, regardless if he has a package to deliver for her home or not.

He knows how important for Winnie his visits are and whenever he takes a day off, he makes sure to leave a note in the household’s mailbox along with some treats for the pup.

“It’s a small but sweet gesture from him because he doesn’t want her to be disappointed,” Ellen said. “But those days are definitely not her favorite!”

In the days when Ellen is at work while the mail is delivered, she would come home to find treats in her mailbox intended for Winnie. During those times, Winnie would just settle with the mailman’s wave from the outside as she watches through the window.–ZVv2FPse/?utm_source=ig_embed

“Winnie loves the mailman because he genuinely loves her,” Ellen said. “It really doesn’t matter if it’s a perfect day or pouring rain, he will always give her love if she is outside.”

Winnie also loves to make friends with other people. When she and her mom go for a walk, she would greet everyone they meet along the way. 

“If anyone is in their driveway or on the sidewalk, Winnie will lay down and wait to see if they will say ‘Hello’ and come pet her,” Ellen said. “She’s the ‘mayor’ of the neighborhood.”

But of course, her love for her family and for the mailman is always special. 


“She really loves that he takes the time [for her] every day,” Ellen said. “They definitely have respect for each other and it’s such a unique bond.”

Source: The Dodo