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Excited Dog Can’t Wait for Drink Order, Makes a Little Scene at Starbucks Drive-Thru [Video]



  • This dog finds it unbearable to wait for their drink order at Starbucks Drive-Thru.
  • The dog made a little scene, climbed out of the car into the Drive-Thru window.
  • The scenario brightened up the day of another customer.

The long lines that come with getting yourself a cup of coffee may be a little unbearable for some people. This apparently holds true with some dogs.

Take a look at this dog who is not ashamed of letting everybody around know that fast is never fast enough when it comes to their drink order.

Starbucks incorporates Puppuccinos into their menu, drink orders made out of cups of whipped cream for dogs.

Billie Lynn Reed was inside her car, waiting in line at a Starbucks Drive-Thru the other day when she witnessed a rather entertaining scene unfold right in front of her. The car in front of hers, from the looks of it, has ordered Puppuccinos for the group of dogs inside the car.

The dogs look more and more excited by the second waiting for their drink order to arrive. Puppuccinos do not look like complicated drink orders that take long, but one of the dogs decided that the wait is too long.

This particular dog decided to make a scene in the Drive-Thru window and it was adorable. Luckily, she decided to videotape the scenario for all the world to see.

The owner of the dog eventually went out of her car to pick the dog up from the window to take it back to the car. By which time the antics had already brightened up Reed’s entire day.

“I look up and I was like OMG. Lol I was rolling,” she wrote. “So you know I had to record it or it didn’t happen.”

Source: The Dodo