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Family Fills Piñata With Tennis Balls To Surprise Their Dog [Video]



  • Ruger is a happy dog who is obsessed with tennis balls.
  • His family decided to surprise him with a large case of tennis balls stuffed inside a makeshift piñata.
  • The piñata sure made the dog happy, especially now that his supplies to play fetch could probably last a lifetime.

Meet Ruger, the happy dog. Ruger enjoys the outdoors, hanging out with his family, and supports a healthy fascination with tennis balls.

The Dodo | Mindy Reminga

“He is very obsessed with tennis balls,” Mindy Reminga said. “There isn’t a moment when he doesn’t want to play fetch, or have one in his mouth.”

This is without a doubt one of his favorite things in the world. Mindy said that Ruger has this expectant expression on his face whenever he sees tennis balls, like saying “You gonna throw that thing, or what?” with his face.


He didn’t know what to do at first. ???????? ##labrador ##purehappiness ##ballobssessed ♬ original sound – mindyreminga

One day, she purchased a large case of tennis balls to put inside a makeshift piñata to surprise the dog. Mindy hanged it on a beam inside their house, with a rope tied to a tennis ball at the bottom for the dog to pull and rip the piñata open.

Watch the video posted on social media to show everybody the reaction of the dog to the surprise arranged for him.

“I think he was stunned, and couldn’t fathom what to do,” Mindy said. “‘Which one he should grab first?’ If he had a bigger mouth, he would try to pick them all up if he could.”

The piñata sure made the dog happy. Mindy said that other pet owners should also shower their dogs with the things they love the most. After all, our dogs only deserve the best.

“All animals deserve special treatment once in a while,” Mindy said.

Source: The Dodo