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Family of 8 wins $250K home makeover from Property Brothers [Video]



  • Last year, Drew and Jonathan Scott launched a contest with a prize of a $250,000 home makeover and home security system.
  • The twins were moved by the video entry submitted by the Moffitt couple, who has six kids — three are adopted and two have special needs.
  • For the Scotts, the best thing about the whole project is seeing the priceless reactions of the family!

Here’s how the grand home makeover sponsored by Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott turned out.

In February 2020, the 42-year-old twins teamed up with home security company ADT for Pass the Protection contest — with a prize of a $250,000 home makeover and a home security system.

The Property Brothers stars had gone through more than 11,000 applications, but one family won their hearts: the Moffitt family of Southern California.

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The twins were captivated by the video submitted by parents Jeff and Amber, sharing how the lives of their six kids would be made better with the free renovation. The couple has six children — three are adopted and two have special needs.

Drew and Jonathan considered the needs of the family in redesigning the house and focused on the carport and kitchen.

The kitchen now has a breakfast bar, where the entire family can spend time together while preparing the meals. The carport was converted into a dedicated therapy room for the kids, who used to have therapy sessions in a room that also served as entertainment and workout areas.

“Hands down, the best part of this entire process was seeing the Moffitt family’s reaction when we unveiled the renovations to their home,” Jonathan told PEOPLE of the reveal. “Their excitement and reactions were so heartwarming.”

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The newly renovated house is also provided with a security system by ADT, giving the family access to indoor and outdoor cameras, a video doorbell, a smart lock, voice controls, and many more.

During the brothers’ first visit in September to finalize the plans, the family was very excited, especially the kids who “woke up like it was Christmas morning.”

“It was 4 AM, the kids were all up, they were excited about what they were going to say and do. They had all kinds of ideas for how to fix the house up,” Drew told PEOPLE that time.

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The brothers also discovered then that the kids are definitely tuning in to their shows, asking questions about Brother vs. Brother or Forever Home.

“The Moffitts are an incredible family and seeing their reaction to the renovation brought tears to our eyes. Reveals like this is why we’re so grateful for the work we do,” Drew said.