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Family Of Bullied Boy With Dwarfism Says They Will Donate GoFundMe Money to Charity



  • The fundraiser campaign to send Quaden Bayles to Disneyland reaches $700,000, with 20,000 donors from around the world.
  • The Bayles family refuses to take the money, saying that the donation is better spent in anti-bullying campaigns.
  • The family considers giving the money raised to Dwarfism Awareness Australia or the Balunu Healing Foundation

Quaden Bayles attracted attention on a global scale after his mother started a campaign against bullying. The boy is born with dwarfism and is being bullied at school for it.

His mother posted a now-deleted video of her nine-year-old son saying he wanted to kill himself, intending to tell the world what bullying does to a child.

The fundraiser set up by comedian Brad Williams intending to send the boy and his family to Disneyland reaches more than 20,000 donors from across the world, raising $700,000. In doing so, Williams wants the boy to realize that “[he] is a wonderful human being who deserves joy”.

But Thursday afternoon, the Bayles family refuses to take the money.

Photo by Australian News Today

“We want the money to go to community organizations that really need it. They know what the money should be spent on. So as much as we want to go to Disneyland, I think our community would far off benefit from that.”

The Bayles are convinced that it would be in everybody’s best interest if the money is given to charities that campaign against bullying and suicide. The only question left to answer is which charity would they be leaving the money to.

The family considers both the Dwarfism Awareness Australia and the Balunu Healing Foundation.

The problem therein is that what the family wants to do goes against GoFundMe rules. The donated funds can only “used solely for the purpose stated”, and the description written in the page reads, “after all the flights, hotel, tickets and food is paid for, any excess money will be donated to anti-bullying/anti-abuse charities.”

Today, whether or not the Bayles can refuse the Disneyland trip is subject to discussion between the two parties.


There were speculations that Quaden is much older, they say that the boy is actually 18 years old. This stemmed from decontextualized images of Quaden posted on Instagram where the boy is seen posing, wearing a Gucci sweatshirt and standing next to a sign with “18” written on it.

These speculations have already been proven fake.

The Disneyland trip is not the only thing, Quaden now finds himself invited to a number of trips and experiences.

The Houston Rockets tweets the invite for the boy to sit courtside at one of their games in Texas. The tweet reads, “Cool shirt, Quaden! We’re on your team. We’d like to invite you to Houston to come to a game when you visit the U.S.”

The Bayles are also offered an all-expenses-paid trip to Singapore by martial arts champion and ONE Championship founder Chatri Sityodtong.

Source: Tank’s Good News