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Farming Tip On How To Make 100 Cows Very Happy: Install A Giant Bristle Brush



  • Tom Pemberton posts about his life as a farmer looks like.
  • This started out as promotional videos about dairy production but turned into something more, where videos about his farm receive millions of views.
  • The video that attracted online attention the most is something that showed people how much cows love bristle brushes.

Tom Pemberton, 27, is a second-generation farmer in Lancashire, England. He started posting about life on a farm online, which earned him quite the number of subscribers.

 “I got into social media by mistake,” he explained. “I was trying to promote a raw milk vending machine in a video, which my girlfriend helped me with at the time. We posted the video on Facebook and YouTube — Facebook went really well with around 11,000 views and YouTube only got 200-300 views. That’s how it started, completely by mistake!”

These days, the videos about his farm receive millions of views. Back in January, the farmer posted another video about farm animals. This time, to show people online how much his cows adore the brush installed inside the barn. Cow brushes are similar to regular ones used for cleaning pots and dishes (only much larger).

The cow brush was a complete success for farm animals, who appear too amused. The animals lined up to take turns scratching their faces and necks, which based on how these animals look, must provide a great deal of comfort.

This video had two companies donate a free brush for his outdoor pasture. The farmer jumped at the chance. For sure, when installed, these cow brushes make him more popular with his farm animals.  

The humans did good work and completed the installation of these donated cow brushes for his pasture. The farm animals gathered around and started meandering over to investigate. Rubbing their hides and faces on these installed brushes seem second nature to these animals. They knew exactly what to do!

These moments make it easier to understand the reason behind other people’s adoration towards a farmer’s life.

Source: Inspire More