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Fashion Line Made Of Recycled Materials From Abandoned Tents Showcased On London Fashion Week Runway



  • Eco-warrior entrepreneur James Marshall, 24, launched his 10T brand shortly after finishing his degree in Environmental Sustainability.
  • Designed by fashion designer Imogen Evans, the products, made of recycled materials from abandoned tents debuted on the London Fashion Week runway in February.
  • The team is also working on other forms of waste to recycle.

James Marshall –  SWNS

An environment-friendly fashion line made of materials from abandoned tents debuted this month on the London Fashion Week runway.

Eco-warrior entrepreneur James Marshall, 24, spent his summer gathering abandoned tents from campsites after the Scottish Borders’ Eden Festival and Lake District’s Kendal Calling.

With some help from the people he loves, he has collected about 300 tents which were then transformed by fashion designer Imogen Evans into stylish bucket hats, bumbags, and jackets.

“We also worked with a charity in England who collect tents at the end of festivals and give them to refugees,” said James. “They don’t normally collect broken tents, but they did and then sent them all over to us.”

The clothes, under 10T brand, were then showcased on the runway at London Fashion Week in February.

James Marshall –  SWNS

“London Fashion Week was a really good experience. The days were pretty stressful, but it was such a good feeling to get that recognition,” says James. “It was nice to have the validation that the process and idea works and that we can take the idea to market and continue with it.”

James graduated with a Masters of Science in Environmental Sustainability at Edinburgh Napier University in 2018. In a year after finishing his studies, he came up with the 10T and launched the brand shortly after his graduation.

They also make duffel bags from tent groundsheets and hope to sell them in min-March online―perfect timing for the festival season.

“We will stick with collecting from sources ourselves, but we will start looking at other forms of waste,” he said. “We already have a few ideas.”

“What I want to hold on to is that we collect, manifest, sort, and clean the materials and make the products ourselves.”

Tents at Leeds Festival – SWNS

Source: Good News Network