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Filmmaker Made Friends With A Goose In The Park, Filmed A Documentary Of Their Unique Friendship [Video]



  • Cheryl was taking a walk in the park trying to stay active while the quarantine is in place.
  • She didn’t really have any plans to make new friends but when a goose saw her, he rushed to her side and has since become her new best buddy.
  • Cheryl is a filmmaker and she was inspired to make a documentary film about their unique friendship.

There are just those moments when you meet someone and you instantly know you found your best friend. Just like when Cheryl Allison from Dallas, Texas, met a curious goose who instantly became her best buddy. 

Initially, Cheryl had no plans on making a new friend with anyone when she went to a park for a walk. In fact, she was merely trying to avoid in contact with other people while trying to still have an active lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Allison

But when a large gray goose saw Chyrel, it was as if he recognized her, ran toward her, and has since been following her around. Eventually, she realized, a special friendship has started between them.

She asked around about the goose and learned that Honk (the name she gave him) is domesticated and Cheryl most likely looks like the one who raised him which is why he was following her wherever she goes.

While that might be true to the part of the goose, for Cheryl, it was a kind of friendship she never knew she needed until it happened!

“In this time of social distancing, I can’t see my friends or my parents, this goose has become my friend!” she said.

But since she can’t take her new best buddy home, she makes sure to see him often in the park.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Allison

“It’s crazy, I feel like Mother Goose!” Cheryl said jokingly. 

Ever since their unusual friendship started, the filmmaker was inspired to start a unique project about their relationship. 

“I am filming a documentary about this unusual friendship during social distancing and also hoping to raise some awareness about the negative side of dumping them into ponds and parks,” Cheryl explained.

Now, Honk has his own Instagram account and has since become viral with Cheryl. Their documentary film is hoped to be released by next year.


Source: Inspire More