Foster sister’s care for autistic brother leads to therapy success


  • Risca Solomon gave up university to care for her autistic foster brother Dan, who had challenging behavior and trigger actions that provoked it.
  • She enrolled in Open University to be available for Dan and studied behavior analysis, which she used to help Dan learn sign language and then to speak.
  • Solomon’s success with Dan led to creating her own therapy company called Skybound, which uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and tools like talk tools to shape the mouth and tongue for speech, helping clients to develop vital life skills.

Risca Solomon’s foster brother Dan, who has autism and had been through multiple failed placements, inspired her to study behavior analysis, which helped her to develop therapy techniques that have helped Dan and other clients with challenging behavior and trigger actions.

With her own company, Skybound, Solomon and 38 staff members use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach vital life skills, and tools like talk tools to shape the mouth and tongue for speech, based on client consent.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Dan lives with Solomon and her family two days a week, and with her parents the rest of the week.


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