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Four-Year-Old Goes Viral After Showing Her Dance Moves After Losing a Game [Video]



  • A four-year-old loses in a game of musical chairs, but she handled losing with grace.
  • The little girl went and placed herself in front of the rolling camera, and danced!
  • She dances with much bravado, and it is not just cute dancing too. She shows much potential.

Everybody learns how to share, take turns, and as early as it may seem, lose with grace at preschool. Some of these lessons, you might encounter in a round of musical chairs. This is the case for four-year-old Chrislyn Green.

When she lost the game, instead of throwing a fit, she handled herself well. The little girl rushed over to where her teacher was recording their day of fun, placed herself in front of the rolling camera, and she executed her dance performance!

Diamond Gore was surprised one day after school when she was tagged on a video of her little girl posted on Twitter.

“I saw her teacher tagged me,” Diamond told the new station. “So I pressed play, and I said, ‘Oh my god. You danced at school and got it on camera? You have so many views. What is going on?’”

The little girl did not seem upset about losing the game. When she lost, she went to grab her teacher’s phone and instructed her “viewers” to “like and subscribe” to her channel and started her dance routine. She must have picked this line from YouTube, but it sure amused several people.

Her classmates were seen playing musical chairs in the background while she dances with much bravado, and it is not just cute dancing the way little kids dance. Little Chrislyn Green shows promise!

Her teacher catches on the little girl’s dance performance a little late, but when she did notice, she was shocked. Chrislyn is a gem!

It was surprising for the mother to see the now-viral video of her little girl dancing, especially since this is what she sees every day. She says that the way her daughter danced in the video perfectly portrays the personality of her little girl.


This is a wonderful reminder for all of us. Perhaps dancing our hearts out will get us through whatever life has in store for us. You’re awesome, Chrislyn!

Source: Inspire More