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Friends Surprise Classmate With Prom Queen Coronation After High School Dance Cancelation [Video]



  • Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas is one of the schools in the country to follow safety guidelines, canceling prom in the process.
  • The student body was disappointed after the announcement, so Emily Morrow decided on setting up a social distancing party of her own.
  • Her friends surprised her with prom queen coronation, complete with a surprise delivery of a sash, bouquet, and crown to her doorstep.

Student Emily Morrow is the type of person who always tries to look on the happier side of things, radiating positivity throughout, but even she was disappointed when Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas canceled prom following security protocols during this pandemic.

She decided not to mope about the canceled high school dance and set up a social distancing party of her own. Emily comes up with a plan to make a memorable experience, taking safety guidelines into consideration.

When the prom committee found out about her social distancing party, they had arranged a special surprise for her!

The student body share a liking to Emily Morrow, so they voted her prom queen. The prom committee planned for the surprise coronation and made arrangements for the delivery of the sash, the bouquet, and the crown to her doorstep.

The prom queen coronation took her by surprise. Her face lit up the moment she looked into the package delivered at her front porch. Her smile grew even wider by the time she realized that her friends were waiting on her by the street for her drive-by parade!

This surprise prom queen coronation made her feel special. Everyone was cheering and holding signs to celebrate her win, but the best part of it was that every person who participated in this affair knows that Emily deserved all of it and more.

“She’s always so happy,” Keller Matise said. “She always has positive energy.”

Even the coach of the swim team talked about Emily fondly. “Often she tells people, including myself, that they’re ‘the best,’ when really and truly she is THE BEST! I am so thankful that everyone at our school, and in our community, loves her just as much as I do and provides such a positive example to all,” Hannah Kate said.

This is wonderful, not just for Emily. This story is another reminder of how far kindness can reach, making an impact on someone’s life.

Source: Inspire More