Garth Brooks superfan Uber driver was gifted a ticket by her passengers on the way to his concert

  • Vicky Wallace is a Garth Brooks superfan who was given a chance to watch his concert for free!
  • Katie and Zack Watson had an extra ticket for the concert and Vicky just happened to be their Uber driver to the concert.
  • Katie and Zack gave their extra ticket to Vicky and they had a grand time watching the concert together!

Just to be in on the excitement of a Garth Brooks concert in her Birmingham, Alabama arena, superfan Vicky Wallace decided to drive for Uber.  And what an opportune moment it turned out to be, for her passengers, Katie and Zack Watson were in town for the concert from Columbus, Georgia! And they had an extra ticket!

Originally bought for a friend who fell sick days before the show, they were just not sure how they could not give their ticket away.  And on this night, the stars aligned for them to be driven by Vicki.

Photo Credit: Rick Karle WVTM 13 (Facebook)

Katie recalled, โ€œWe had this third ticket. We tried to give it away. It was just sitting out there, no takers.โ€

At first, they did not say a word to Vicky who was telling them that her favorite artist was Garth Brooks.  But when Vicky managed to find an empty parking space right near the arena, that is when they told her that they had an extra ticket and would like to go with them.  Vicky said, โ€˜No, Iโ€™m not dressed cute. No.’โ€  But then again, she changes her mind, makes a sudden U-turn and they all get out and go inside the stadium.

And what a grand time Katie, Zack and Vicky had at the concert. The photos that Katie shared on Facebook garnered a lot of views and people liked how they were so kind and generous to Vicky.  Katie said they now know why they could not let go of the ticket— because the universe conspired for the couple to share it with Vicky!

Photo Credit: Rick Karle WVTM 13 (Facebook)

Katie said, โ€œThereโ€™s no doubt that getting to take Vicky to the concert felt good. It was the least we could do, and we believe it really made Vickyโ€™s night.โ€

And for the country girl, Garth Brooks die-hard fan Vicky, she still could not believe the kindness of Katie and Zack and how the stars aligned for her to realize a dream.

Source: Inspire More

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