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Generous Kid Emptied His Savings Account To Buy Groceries For Homeless People! [Video]



  • While kids watch YouTube videos just for entertainment and learning, one kid took it by heart.
  • When Nathan came across a video about homelessness, he decided he wanted to help.
  • So he went to his dad and told him to empty his savings account and they went grocery shopping for a local shelter.

Kids nowadays watch YouTube videos as a form of entertainment and learning — much more now during quarantine.

Nathan Simons is no different — he watches videos like any other kids. But he has an extraordinary personality that most kids his age probably care little about.

Of course, his dad worries about the contents the young boy might see on the platform. But he was surprised when one day, Nathan came to him and spoke about homelessness and how he wanted to help.

9 Year Old Boy Donates Savings to Homeless

Nathan Simons told his dad he wanted to do something to give back- so he used nearly all his savings to buy much needed items for a local homeless shelter ????Posted by Fox Carolina News on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

That was after the 9-year-old came across a YouTube video in which his favorite stars asked their fans to donate and give help to homeless people.

For the first time, Nathan learned of the harsh reality of homelessness and he wanted to become part of the solution. So, he discussed with his dad about draining his savings account and donating the money to a local shelter.

Photo Credit: WQAD 8

Nathan’s dad, Ethan, told a local news outlet in astonishment, “There was part of me that almost wanted me to talk him out of it, but what kind of lesson am I teaching him if I tell him, ‘No you shouldn’t be selfless’?” 

So Ethan accompanied his son to the bank and committed to matching his son’s donation to Christian Care — the organization Nathan had chosen. 

Nathan then called the shelter to get a list of groceries and other supplies they needed.

Photo Credit: WQAD 8

After that, he and his dad went shopping for them, spending the $300 cash in hand. They bought gloves, shoes, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, and others, saying he wanted to buy as much as possible at the best prices. 

“It feels good. I wish I could have [the money] for myself, but I have to think about other people sometimes,” Nathan shared.

After delivering their donation at the shelter, Ethan told his son how proud he is of what he did.

Photo Credit: WQAD 8

“Not many people can say they emptied their savings account and went shopping for a homeless shelter. You did a good thing today my son,” Ethan said. 

We are proud of him too, and surely many people are inspired to give what they can!

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