Halloween Came Early As A Thousand People In Monster Costumes Rally To Grant A Boy’s Wish

  • A boy fighting cancer was given a few weeks to live.  His wish was to see monsters.
  • After an appeal on Facebook, close to a thousand people came in their monster costumes to grant the boy’s wish.
  • The boy, Alex, enjoyed the Spooktacular event as he waved and high-fived all the people who came.

At just 11 months, Alex was diagnosed with cancer.  For the past 4 and a half years, he has been bravely fighting the disease.  Almost six months ago, they thought they had shrunk the tumor, but it did not.  It returned and is even more aggressive.

His doctors have given him just a few weeks to live.

His parents, Nick and Kira, want his remaining time to be meaningful.  And when they asked Alex what he wished to do, he said Halloween. Monsters, specifically.

Niagara Falls has monsters but it is far and he is not allowed to travel.  That’s when a close friend of the family, Paula Tzouanakis Anderson, thought of advancing Halloween and bringing in monsters.

She turned to her Facebook group and wrote, “I have a time sensitive request/plea. We need volunteers to help make this night Spooktacular for Alexandros, people willing to dress up and walk down the street for him, decorate their cars and drive through the parade! This is extremely time sensitive!”

Photo Credit: @kira.nik (Instagram)

It got an overwhelming response even from strangers and 500 people responded to come.

They expected only 300 on September 14 but almost 1,000 people came dressed in monster costumes!

According to Alex’s mom Kira’s Instagram post, “Alex was so happy, he knew that it was all for him so he was waving and high-fiving all the people that came. He enjoyed every minute of the parade and the haunted backyard and of course Rumble, his favorite paw patrol character.” She added, “I felt every emotion that you could imagine; tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of hope.”

Photo Credit: @kira.nik (Instagram)

And even if they do not know how much time they have left with Alex, the couple is grateful for the community that has shown their support for them.  

Nick, Alex’s father, said, “We’re very blessed to live in a community like this.”

Source: Sunny Skyz

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