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“Hallway Karaoke” Inside Nursing Homes Started to Cheer Up Quarantined Residents [Video]



  • The community lockdown put in place leaves residents inside nursing homes and assisted living facilities feeling lonely as family visits are discontinued temporarily.
  • Magnolia Manors in Greenwood, South Carolina started a “Hallway Karaoke” to cheer up the residents as the quarantine continues.
  • Each employee takes turns singing in the hallway, songs that are pre-selected to trigger happy memories.

Healthcare workers around the world took it upon themselves to make patients under their care feel better as the community lockdown restricts visitation inside nursing homes and assisted living facilities, leaving residents feeling lonely.

Facebook | Marijayne Wells

Marijayne Wells, a Licensed Practical Nurse at Magnolia Manors in Greenwood, South Carolina, decided to host “Hallway Karaoke” with the help of other staff members to entertain the seniors under their care. Each employee takes turns singing in the hallway for the benefit of their residents.

Watch the video below in FULL SCREEN.

Marijayne performs her rendition of At Last by Etta James in the video uploaded on their Facebook page, other staff members and residents are cheering on the background as the nurse sings for everyone inside the facility.

Hallway Karaoke was started for the staff members and residents inside the nursing home to cheer themselves up from all the bad news that came with the global pandemic, the songs to be sung for everybody else inside has been pre-selected, intending to trigger happy memories.

Inspire More | Marijayne Wells

“Some of them don’t even smile,” Marijayne said. “But it’s the memories that I think are the most important thing here. The memories like, ‘Oh I remember that,’ or ‘I remember her,’ and I think that’s my biggest goal as a nurse.”

This is a beautiful example of how one reaches out to somebody else in need. These seniors missing their loved ones more than ever surely needed this kindness. We are so thankful for the dedicated healthcare workers!

Source: Inspire More