Heartwarming Reunion: Afghan Refugee and Dog Finally Together Again [Video]

  • An Afghan refugee living in British Colombia was reunited with her dog Lucky after 10 months of separation.
  • Lucky was sent on an SPCA International flight from Kabul to Vancouver in February 2022.
  • The SPCA had been paying to house Lucky and her cat Leo in a shelter and foster home for the 10 months.

After being separated for 10 months due to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, an Afghan refugee living in British Columbia was finally reunited with her beloved dog, Lucky.

The SPCA International helped bring Lucky and her cat, Leo, to Vancouver from Kabul, where they had been staying in a shelter and foster home paid for by the organization.

Despite Lucky’s separation anxiety and trauma, they eventually found a foster home for him in Portland, Oregon, and his owner is thrilled to have him back in her life.

Source: goodnewsnetqork.org

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What about the cat?

yeah, what happened to the cat, c rats for the dogs flight?

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