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Heartwarming story of teacher’s adoption of student in foster care [Video]



  • Jenna Riccio, a first-grade teacher in Connecticut, has legally adopted her former student who was living in foster care.
  • The student, Nate, was born with sickle cell anemia and had to undergo amputation of both legs below the knees, his left arm, and two and a half fingers on his right hand.
  • Nate, who is now in the 5th grade, is thriving with his new family and says he feels lucky to be with them.

A first-grade teacher in Connecticut, Jenna Riccio, has officially adopted her former student, Nate, who was born with sickle cell anemia and was living in foster care. After Nate was removed from his family’s home and moved into foster care, Jenna asked if she could foster him.

She passed all of the background checks and brought Nate home with her in October 2019. Jenna’s boyfriend, Tim Riccio, who worked with Jenna at the same school and knew Nate as well, was all in. Two years later, Nate served as the ring bearer at Jenna and Tim’s wedding.

Last February, Nate became a big brother. Although Nate was already part of their family, it wasn’t official until Nov. 18, 2022 when he legally became their son. By all accounts, the boy is thriving in his new family, and his parents say they are the lucky ones.