Hidden cam reveals the ‘secret life of pets’

  • Wookie and Kya are Rahma Keene’s pet dogs.
  • Rahma and her husband Ryker thought Wookie is the behaved dog, and Kya, the playful kind.
  • The couple found out it was actually the other way around when they discovered who was making the mess at the kitchen counter through a hidden camera!

Pet dogs sometimes do not reveal their true character, until a secret camera footage reveals it all.

Wookie and Kya are pet siblings, but their personalities are far too different. According to Rahma Keene, their fur mom, Wookie is the more cautious and standoffish one, while Kya is the playful kind.

Photo Credit: Rahma Keene/The Dodo

These obvious traits automatically branded Wookie as the behaved one, and Kya, the troublemaker.

So, whenever there’s a mess in the kitchen, all fingers point to Kya, no doubt. Or so they thought.

“When we cook and stuff a lot of the time, we put the food right there and Kya will put her front paws up on the counter and try to smell or get a lick in there if she can, but we’ve never actually seen her climb fully up,” Rahma said.

Rahma added that when a vase is knocked over, she would know Kya is the culprit!

When Rahma, along with her husband Ryker, noticed that the mess just gets messier each time, they would scold Kya, even if there wasn’t any clear proof that it was Kya who made the mess.

Photo Credit: Rahma Keene/The Dodo

To solve the mystery once and for all, the couple had set up a camera to catch whoever between their pets is behind the mischievous act. At this point, however, Rahma and Ryker were still convinced it was Kya, until they saw the camera footage.

“I’m at work in Seattle and Ryker’s at work in Bellingham and we’re both watching our fun exciting camera and all the sudden I see Wookie is on the counter, I’m freaking out showing my co-workers and screenshotting as fast as I can,” Rahma said.

Photo Credit: Rahma Keene/The Dodo

Ryker, who was also watching from work, was as stunned as Rahma upon seeing who the real culprit was!

All along, they thought Wookie to be so behaved and well-mannered, but apparently, he has a “secret life” — the one that entails naughtiness and a little bit of intricacy. So does Kya, who was actually the earnest one.

“The entire time Kya is sleeping on her dog bed,” Rahma said. “We felt soooooooooo bad for shaming Kya but Wookie just does not behave that way, he is so dignified and mellow that we truly didn’t think he would ever attempt to get on the counter!”

Photo Credit: Rahma Keene/The Dodo

Since then, Rahma and Ryker decided that they would leave the counter clean to avoid any more messes, because Wookie was just so uncompromising.

“We now just make sure the counter is clear because it’s Wookie’s world and we’re just living in it to please him,” Rahma said.

Source: The Dodo

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