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Horse And Cat’s Unlikely Bond Is Giving The Feel-Good Vibes We Need [Video]



  • When Jennifer Boyle brought home Morris the cat from a shelter, she never thought he would become good friends with Champy the horse.
  • The bond between the two was cemented when Morris jumped on Champy’s back and the horse let him ride on his back.
  • Champy and Morris not only bond over their rides but also enjoy grooming each other and drinking from the same water trough.

They may seem a very unlikely pair but Champy the horse and Morris the cat prove that when it comes to friendships, there are no bounds.  Interspecies relationships work.

When Champy and Morris first met in January 2013, their mom Jennifer Boyle, was unsure if the two would become friends.  But Boyle said, “[Champy] was immediately smitten with [Morris] and wouldn’t leave him alone. They have been best buddies ever since. They love spending time together.”

Photo Credit: The Dodo (YouTube)

She also was surprised that Champy allowed Morris to jump on his back and take the cat on a ride. She thought that it was just a one-time funny thing but they did it every time they were together.

Morris loves hitching on Champy and it has become their main bonding activity.  But they do enjoy other pursuits like drinking on the horse’s water trough together and grooming each other frequently.

Photo Credit: The Dodo (YouTube)

They may have friends from their own species who they can do these things with, but doing these with each other seems more fun for them.

Boyle says, “There’s just this incredible connection between them.”

Photo Credit: The Dodo (YouTube)

The two are showing that despite their differences in species and size, they have formed an incredible bond that a lot of us can learn from— to accept and love each other no matter how different we are. 

Source: Daily Paws