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Injured Greyhound Embraces Life With New Family [Video]



  • Blue the greyhound injured himself from running, unable to run future races.
  • Nobody wanted the poor, injured animal after that—at least until one homeowner opened up her house for him.
  • Blue needed etiquette training and was uncomfortable around his human companion, but their relationship blossomed into something wonderful.

Blue used to run the racetracks. This situation required regular training that is harsh for animals. At some point, the animal sustained injuries that disqualified him from future races. After that, nobody wanted the poor animal. At least, until someone decided on opening their home for him.

The moment the animal arrived, she started to question her decision. “What have I done?” she wondered. She became worried that the animal is too large for her to handle.

The second problem was etiquette training. Blue underwent training for racing, but nothing for good manners. He appeared uncomfortable with the people around him, slow to warm up to his new human companion. Over time, their relationship made progress. Plus, etiquette training is completed.

Blue learned in no time. He understood how to communicate using facial features and sounds. From here, it was obvious that greyhounds have big personalities. Blue started feeling comfortable about their living arrangements, after considerable amounts of treats and patience. The animal is prepared to embrace his new life.

“One day he just started zooming around the house,” Kimberley explained. “I think that was the moment when I was like, ‘I think you’re going to be pretty happy here.’”

Blue leaps about, around the house. The greyhound zips from room to room, bounding onto the sofa and tries to convince people to play with him. From that point, their relationship was established in full.

 “They imprint so quickly, and you become theirs so quickly,” she said. “And once that happens, once they know that they’re safe, it’s just the most magical thing to see them grow.”

Their relationship developed into something important. Today, the animal is considered an irreplaceable family member that makes everyone laugh. Blue embarks on another adventure with his human companion, this time as an ambassador to encourage pet adoption and ban greyhound racing in Australia!

Source: Inspire More