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Jennifer Garner Also Struggles Bathing her Cat [Video]



  • Several moms could relate to Jennifer Garner’s latest video on Instagram.
  • In the video, the actress and mother of three can be seen giving a bath to her cat, Moose.
  • Her struggle with bathing Moose resonated with many moms of kids and cats alike.

Jennifer Garner shared a candid video on Tuesday after her cat Moose had a smelly accident.

In the clip shared on Instagram, Jennifer said, “Something’s gone awry.” She then covered the fluffy cat’s ears before adding, “Moose pooped his pants. We can’t live like this. He’s befouled!”

Photo Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Garner

She proceeded to remove his collar and pick him up before saying, “First of all, we have an obesity problem. So, please don’t make fun.”

The whole bath was recorded for her followers to see.

At first, Moose was calm and behaving, which makes Jennifer tell him, “Oooh, is that nice? Oh, what a good cat! I’ve never seen a nicer cat than this cat — which is why I feel badly making fun of what’s happened to his butt. There’s something caught.”

Then everything descended to chaos when Jennifer realized how much it smells, leading her to scrub more.

Moose didn’t like all the scrubbing at all!

He started to make his escape, and Jennifer struggled to get him back to the sink and keep him there.

Jennifer managed to make him stay in the sink and finish his bath, but she was injured when Moose scratched her.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Garner

As she showed her neck to the camera, she said, “I deserve it, I don’t blame him.”

It was only after everything was done that she realized, “Oh, we didn’t get to do conditioner.”


Many people could relate to the video, especially moms — who know all too well how hard it is to bathe a tiny restless creature, be it human or feline.

Source: PEOPLE