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Journey to freedom: Four tigers adapt to new life after 15 years in confinement




  • Four Bengal tigers rescued from a train carriage in Argentina are now living in a South African sanctuary.
  • The tigers had been trapped in the carriage for 15 years, surviving thanks to locals who fed them.
  • Upon arrival, the tigers were in poor health, but after a year of care, they have adapted well to their new home.

Four Bengal tigers who were rescued from a train carriage in Argentina where they had been trapped for 15 years are now thriving in their new home at the LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.

The tigers had survived thanks to the kindness of locals who fed them, but upon arrival at the sanctuary, they were in poor health.

After a year of specialized care and acclimatization, the tigers have adapted well to their new surroundings, roaming and lazing in enclosures that are 100 times larger than their train carriage.

They will soon have an even larger space to call home, complete with a house.