Keanu Reeves Lives Up To Being Mr. Nice Guy As He Attends Fan’s Wedding Reception

  • Keanu Reeves fan James Roadnight was getting married to Nikki and he invited the actor to the reception.
  • James did not expect that the actor would show up but he did.
  • Everyone was starstruck as Keanu talked to guests and smiled for photos.

James Roadnight was a Keanu Reeves fan.  And when he saw the actor in one of the bars in Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa area in Northamptonshire, England, he mustered enough courage to go up to the actor and chat with him.  He also invited the actor to his wedding reception which will be at the same venue later. 

Photo Credit: Nikki Jodi/Facebook

James quickly told his wife-to-be, Nikki.  Even with the uncertainty of Keanu attending, Nikki could not help but admire her husband-to-be for inviting the actor.

Keanu was in town for a film project but he did take up James on his offer.  His presence made the reception something that the couple and a lot of people would be talking about for a long time. According to Nikki, Keanu “took the time to speak to some of our guests.”

Nikki added, “My mum, Jo, took photos and shouted for everyone to yell ‘Speed!’ as she took the photo. We laughed about that as it’s one of his older films! We are big fans.”

And what could naturally follow next but for James and Nikki to share the special moment on social media?  Nikki even changed her profile photo to one of just herself and Keanu.  She said, “Mr. Roadnight won’t mind just for a few days.”

Photo Credit: Nikki Jodi/Facebook

Keanu Reeves really is no hype.  He is for real.  And for the newlyweds, it was just out of this world and hopefully a sign of many more adventures together.

Thank you, Keanu!

Source: Inspire More

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