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Kind Stranger Gives Flowers to Crying Widow in Restaurant



  • Brenda and Juanita have shared a special kind of friendship for a long time.
  • So when Juanita’s husband died, she was there to comfort her.
  • They were surprised when a kind stranger who saw Juanita crying approached them and gave her flowers.

Brenda Collins has been friends with Juanita from when she was only in the sixth grade. They have since shared triumphs, tragedies, laughter, tears, and blessings.

Their special friendship started when they met in the church and became “prayer buddies.” The match-up idea was to nurture relationships between the young ones and the elderly people in the ministry. After a while, they lost touch and it was only years later that they were able to reconnect and meet every month to catch up.

But Juanita’s husband’s health got worse as the months passed and in August, he passed away. Brenda was devastated by the sad news as she consoled her friend who mourned the passing of her husband.

Photo Credit: Juanita Jones

In September, they met again and went out for breakfast. It was supposed to cheer Juanita up, but instead, she broke down.

“As I asked Juanita how she had really been going, she immediately began to weep as she told me all the things she missed about her wonderful husband of 54 years,” Brenda wrote on Facebook.

Then something unexpectedly amazing happened! A stranger approached their table as soon as she saw Juanita crying.

Photo Credit: Brenda Leigh Collins

She said: “Hi, I’m sorry to intrude. I don’t know you but I was just driving past and saw you crying so I wanted to buy you these flowers to bring a smile to your face.”

Juanita cried even more, only this time, it was tears of joy! Brenda explained to the woman that Juanita just lost her husband. Without hesitation, the stranger offered a hug. This inspired Brenda to share the beautiful encounter on Facebook. 

Photo Credit: Brenda Leigh Collins

She wrote: “If you see a need, and are in a position to do so, go out of your way to pay for the item someone can’t, help someone who is struggling … or buy that grieving person a bunch of flowers. You just never know the lasting impact a simple gesture could have on someone for the rest of their life.”

Love and miracles happen everywhere at unexpected times. We are never alone indeed!

Source: Inspire More