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Kristen Bell’s Kids Breaks Their Piggy Bank So They Could Donate For A Charity Amidst The Virus Crisis



  • Celebrity Kristen Bell has always been generous and recently she donated an amount of $150,007.96 to the charity No Kid Hungry.
  • People have noticed the odd number of her donation and were wondering why.
  • The reason for this, as Kristen has explained on her Instagram, is because her children decided to donate their money they have saved in their piggy bank.

In times of disaster, any help counts and anyone can make a difference.

With the crisis brought about by COVID-19 that caused the closing of many schools around the globe, kids are left without the hot lunch they used to enjoy at school. That is why celebrity Kristen Bell decided to pitch in some help—and her children too.

Photo Credit: Kristen Bell

Kristen recently donated a generous amount to the No Kid Hungry, and the charity shared it on their Instagram account:

“We’re BEYOND grateful to our friend and #HungerHero @kristenanniebell for her gift of $150,007.96! Thank you for helping us send out even more grants to schools and community groups working to feed kids during the #COVID19 outbreak,” they wrote.

The star has always been kindhearted. She is known to be very helpful in times of need. But what leaves people wondering this time is the unusual amount she has given.

Photo Credit: Kristen Bell

Why is the number odd and not an exact amount? Kristen can certainly explain that.

“NKH has always been there for kids who need them. They work tirelessly to provide food for the hungry bellies all over this country. I encourage anyone with the means to share to donate as well, any amount helps, so we can get through this together,” she wrote on her social media.

“The reason the number is odd, is because when my kids overheard me making the donation, they asked if they could also donate the money from their piggy bank. I couldn’t have been prouder to add that extra, and important, 7 dollars and 96 cents,” she explained.

Photo Credit: Kristen Bell

Now that is very sweet and inspiring! Kristen surely has raised amazing kids who are just as kind as she is. This reminds us all that as long as we have the desire to help, we can make a difference!

Source: Inspire More