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Lazy Dog Turned into Workout Buddy During Italy Lockdown [Video]



  • Sparky is not a dog to take out walking, he is very lazy.
  • The quarantine in Italy turned out to be an opportunity for the dog and his owner to bond more.
  • Sparky has come up with a way to turn his owner’s home workout routine into a bonding time for the two.

Sparky is an extremely lazy mini bull terrier. It is unbelievable for his owner, Silvio Siamo, that the dog would become his workout buddy during this lockdown in Italy, but being confined together impacted the relationship between the two.

“Sparky is a lazy boy,” Silvio said. “He likes to stay with the family and be cuddled.”

Every time the two take routine walks, the dog often gives up in the middle of it. One thing is clear, the dog decides when their walks are over. Sparky stops walking and goes on to lie down, forcing Silvio to carry him back to the house.

There are a number of video evidence to prove this.

Here’s another one:

Now, with both of them hanging out indoors because of the lockdown, the dog has come up with a plan to change Silvio’s home workouts into their new bonding time even though he hates exercising himself.

This is a win-win for Sparky.


 “For Sparky, working out together is something fun,” Silvio said. “Usually, he puts himself nearby where he can wait for kisses during our workout.”

Now, every workout is an opportunity to bond. Push-ups or squats have turned into pets and kisses for the dog who positions himself under Silvio.

The plan works every time for Sparky.

Not only is the dog satisfied with their long hours together, but the act lifts Silvio’s spirits now that he is confined inside his house.

“In these days of the quarantine, we are constrained to stay at home and to pass the time we work out together with Sparky,” Silvio said. [He’s] helping us between the cuddles and kisses to pass the days with serenity and to make us almost forget the emergency in which we are living in Italy.”

This new routine under the lockdown is good for Sparky. Not to mention that Silvio stays at home with, at his side all the time.

“Sparky is happy because he is cuddled all the time,” Silvio said. “We play together, make video calls with friends, prepare cookies that he likes very much. When he is tired, he goes on the balcony to lie down in the sun.”

Source: The Dodo