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Little Girl And Her Grandpa Missed Each Other So They Did a Dance Showdown Six Feet Apart [Video]



  • Kira Neely and her grandpa’s bonding has been limited because of social distancing.
  • So she thought of a way that she could hang out with her “Papa” in the most unique way.
  • In a viral video online, she and her grandpa were doing a dance showdown six feet apart.

A 6-year-old girl and her grandfather still spend quality time with each other even with the social distancing order—this time, they are having a dance showdown six feet apart.

Under regular circumstances, they would have hugged each other, but now is especially not a time for that. That’s when Kira Neely and her “Papa” thought of doing their bonding by a dance-off.

Sherrie Neely, Kira’s mom, explained on Facebook that they were living just across the street from her parents’ home in Nashville, so they are used to spending a lot of time together.

“Kira loves her ‘Papa’ so much and they’ve now started daily ‘dance offs’ since the virus is keeping them separated,” Sherrie wrote. “My dad is turning 81 years old next month and I’ve never seen him dance, but he’s really putting forth great effort and has some special moves!!!!”

Photo Credit: Sherrie Neely

In the video that has become viral on Facebook, Kira starts the dance-off moving to the beat of “ABC” by The Jackson Five. Then grandpa seizes his turn and gives his all, doing some twirls that made Kira laugh hard.

Kira then does some footwork before they both dance together.

Sherrie told Good Morning America how her dad, Marvin, and her daughter, Kira, are very close, that he even goes to father-daughter events at school.

Photo Credit: Sherrie Neely

“It’s been a really special relationship because otherwise it would just be the two of us. Having mom and dad next door, it’s been such a wonderful thing for Kira because our family is larger,” she said.

Now that Kira can’t be with her grandparents always, she did FaceTime with him once, and hang a picture she drew for them to see.

The dance showdown was also her idea.


“She was very much up for the challenge and had her game face on and my dad of course immediately embraced it,” Sherrie told the outlet. “My dad would do anything she asked him to do. Dancing had not been one of those things but I was surprised at how good he was.

Source: PEOPLE