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Lost and Found: Woman Reunited with Camera After 13 Years




  • A woman lost her digital camera while tubing on a river in Colorado in 2010.
  • After 13 years, a fisherman found the camera in shallow water, and was able to access its memory card.
  • The fisherman posted some of the photos online, leading the camera’s owner to be reunited with her lost camera.

After losing her digital camera while tubing on a river in Colorado over a decade ago, Coral Amayi thought she would never see it again. However, her camera was recently found by a fisherman who stumbled upon it in shallow water.

Despite its rough condition, the fisherman was able to access the camera’s memory card and find photos of Amayi’s tubing trip, a bachelorette party, and a wedding.

Determined to find the camera’s owner, he posted some of the images online and within an hour, the bride and groom recognized themselves in the photos and were able to contact Amayi with the good news.

Amayi was overjoyed at the unexpected reunion with her lost camera, and amazed that the SD card was still functional after all those years.