Finding Love in the Time of Corona — Across Italy’s Balconies

Love in the Time of Corona Across Italy's Balconies

  • Michele and Paola first saw each other across their balconies during a musical performance by neighbors.
  • They fell in love and proved their feelings were real when they met each other after lockdown.
  • The “Romeo and Juliet of Lockdown” now plan to exchange vows where they first found love — in the balcony!

Who would have thought that even with lockdowns and social distancing, love would still find a way?

The coronavirus lockdown has forced people to stay in their homes but it has not stopped love from happening.

For Michele D’Alpaos and Paola Agnelli, love bloomed across balconies in Verona, Italy.

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They have been neighbors for a long time and if not for musical performances on the balconies of their apartment complex, they would not have seen each other and fallen in love.

They are now called the “Romeo And Juliet Of Lockdown.”

The apartment residents thought of having daily musical performances during the lockdown to cheer up everyone.

That’s when Michele first saw Paola standing by her sister Lisa, who performed Queen’s “We Are The Champions” on the violin. Paola’s apartment was directly across Michele’s.

lisa plays violin
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Michele said, “I was immediately struck by the beauty of this girl, by her smile. I had to know her.” Little did he know that when Paola saw him, she thought, “What a beautiful boy.”

Fortunately, Paola and Michele’s sister previously worked out at the same gym and knew each other already. He got her name from his sister and then opened his own Instagram account to follow Paola.

Again, luck was on his side as they hit it off right away! They even ended up chatting until the wee hours of the morning. It was not long until they knew they were in love.

With Italy’s coronavirus restrictions, they still could not meet. They couldn’t feel content with getting to know each other from afar, but it did not stop the star-crossed lovers from expressing their love. Michele showed it through flowers and a banner of Paola’s name…

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…and Paola answered it with her own banner.

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With the restrictions easing in May, they finally met face-to-face and sealed it with a kiss at a local park.

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They proved that their feelings for each other were true. As proof, they are planning on exchanging their vows on Michele’s balcony, where they first caught sight of each other.

Michele says, “Such a thing has never happened to either of us. The sensations we are experiencing in this period is something we never felt before. We are more in love than ever.”

Coronavirus really cannot stop love from happening. All the best, Michele and Paola!


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