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Man Builds This Bridge For His Cat To Reach The Window She’s Obsessed With For Years



  • This cat longs for the view from the window on the upper floor of their house overlooking the yard outside.
  • Ellie makes her way to the top of the staircase, staring at the window from a distance every day.
  • Her owner decided to build a bridge for her to reach the window she’s obsessed with for a long time.

Andrew Brewer lives with his cat, Ellie. Their house is built with two levels. Set high up in the staircase leading to the upper floor of the house is a window looking out the yard, but one could only look through the window from several feet away.

Ellie takes issue with this, wanting to access the window from up close. Every day, the cat makes her way to the top of the staircase and looks at the window as close as she could get to it, at least. In her little mind, perhaps, the perfect view from it is a dream.

“I could tell she wanted to be at it so bad,” Andrew said.

He knows that he does not have it in him to disappoint the cat, not with this one true desire for Ellie. Andrew set to work and got creative in coming up with the solution.

The Dodo | Andrew Brewer

He decided on building a small bridge to connect the railing to the window. By doing this, the gap that had kept his cat from the window will be filled.

“The build itself wasn’t difficult at all,” Andrew said. “I had the idea in my head, on what I wanted it to look like, and just went with it.”

Here is what it looks like from the lower floor.

The Dodo | Andrew Brewer

The cat was soon made aware that the small project was all for her benefit. Her owner made her dreams possible, she could now reach the unreachable window, and the best part was she could hang out on the windowsill.

Ellie wasted no time after the project was completed. The cat loves how this is now possible for her, looking out the view from the window as often as she could. She spends long hours her nose pressed upon the glass.

The Dodo | Andrew Brewer

“Every time I see her in the window it makes me smile,” Andrew said. “It makes me happy knowing she can finally reach that window she’s always wanted to reach.”

Not only is the cat able to look out the window, but her windowsill perch also gives her another view watching over the inside of their house from a different angle.

The Dodo | Andrew Brewer

The project had busied Andrew for some time, but the efforts are worth seeing how happy his cat with the bridge he had installed for her.

For Andrew, Ellie deserves nothing less.

The Dodo | Andrew Brewer

“It was absolutely worth the effort,” Andrew said. “Pets are part of the family.”

Source: The Dodo