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Married Couple Thought They First Met In College, Then Discovered Their Love Story Started When They Were Only 6-Year-Olds



  • Heidi and Ed Savitt dated for five years and got married in 2016.
  • All along they thought their first meeting was when they both went to the same college.
  • What they didn’t know was that their love story started a long time ago back in 1997!

Most often than not, people always remember when and how they met the first love of their lives. 

But not quite so for Heidi and Ed Savitt. All along they thought they first met in college and started the romance only then. What they didn’t know was that they had crossed paths way before!

When Ed moved to a student housing in 2011, he’d come to know Heidi — who was going to the same school as he at England’s Newcastle University — when he once asked her help how to get the washing machine working. 

After a few weeks, they stumbled upon each other again during a night out and that’s when, they thought, their story started. They dated for five years before they decided to get married in 2016.

Photo Credit: Heidi Alice

During the time they were engaged, the lovely couple uncovered a shockingly amusing discovery!

One night, they were having family dinner when Heidi’s mom, Kay Parker, came to mention a vacation they had in Turkey. It was in 1997 and she recalled how her young Heidi had found herself a boyfriend then who was also named Ed. 

Photo Credit: Heidi Alice

They thought it was just a coincidence, but when Kay sent the photo of the little Ed to Heidi, she was so surprised to find out it was the same Ed she has been with all along!

Neither of the couple ever remembered being together from a long time ago but the pictures were telling a stunning truth!

Photo Credit: Heidi Alice

The truth was, they both had a vacation in Bodrum, Turkey during that time and as Heidi puts it, it was  “love at second sight” when they met again in college.

Kay recalled they had met another family from London at that time and both 6-year-olds Heidi and Ed clicked right away and spent most of their time playing together. After more than 20 years, the then two kids are now a married couple.

Photo Credit: Heidi Alice

“It was brilliant,” Heidi said. “We love telling people how we met, twice.”

That is exactly what ‘meant for each other’ means!

Source: Inspire More