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Meet Einstein: The Bull Terrier with an Oscar-Worthy Act [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Einstein, a bull terrier adopted by Maria Christine Myhren-Dahl and her partner, Frida Linnea Myhren-Dahl, displays Oscar-worthy theatrics when left alone, dramatically expressing his longing for attention through a pet camera.
  • Despite having access to a comfortable bed, toys, and treats when home alone, Einstein chooses to lie on the floor, casting a “death stare” into the camera, followed by an overjoyed celebration upon his humans’ return, complete with begging for belly rubs and showing off his toys.
  • Offstage, Einstein is described as a dog with a “strong, expressive personality” and a bit of a clumsy streak. He loves walks, ball hunting, visiting family, and, above all, soaking up his moms’ affection.

There’s a budding star in the doggy world and he has a knack for theatrics.

Meet Einstein, the bull terrier who gives an Oscar-worthy performance whenever he’s left alone.

His performance is so compelling that his human moms check in on him with a pet camera, only to find Einstein appearing as if he’s been completely abandoned.

Einstein’s mom, Maria Christine Myhren-Dahl, says, “He is definitely always dramatic. He demands attention and snuggles each second of every day.”

If Einstein doesn’t get the attention he believes he deserves, he resorts to a rather theatrical method of expressing his dissatisfaction.


“If we don’t give him attention, he will walk to the other side of the couch with his back turned against us and pout with the most dramatic stares of betrayal.”

Maria and her partner, Frida Linnea Myhren-Dahl, adopted Einstein in January 2022.

From their first date, both knew they wanted dogs and particularly favored the bull terrier breed.

Upon meeting Einstein, it was a case of love at first sight, as Maria reminisces, “He completely melted our hearts from the beginning!”

Einstein, who relishes in his only-child status, certainly knows how to milk it.

If he doesn’t receive attention for as little as five minutes, the moment the petting begins, he acts as if he’s been alone for hours.


But the pièce de résistance comes when his humans leave him alone in the house.

“In the video, you can see that he has access to his crate with a comfortable bed and the couch, lots of toys, and usually treats. But no, he chooses to lay on the floor and then proceeds to send this death stare into the camera.”

Einstein’s performance doesn’t stop there. Upon the return of his humans, he pulls out all the stops – begging for belly rubs, wagging his tail excitedly, jumping, licking, and running to fetch a toy.

According to Maria, “It’s like he is complaining to us, ‘Mommies, you left me home alone. It was terrible.’”


The solution? Bringing Einstein along whenever possible!

Described as having a “strong, expressive personality,” Einstein is more than just a dramatist.

He’s also rather intelligent, albeit a bit clumsy, which only adds to his charm.

“Every time he falls or does something clumsy, he looks at us immediately and has the most embarrassed look,” Maria shares.


In between his dramatic stints, Einstein enjoys a good walk, ball hunting, and visits with his extended family.

But of course, the best part of his day is spent basking in his moms’ love and attention.

His story is a testament to the boundless affection and vibrant personalities our furry friends bring into our lives.

Bravo, Einstein!