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Meet The Toddler Whose Beshie Is A Hoppity Happy Froggie [Video]



  • A toddler fell in love at first sight with a tree frog that they saw at a pet store who let her pick and hold the frog.
  • They bought the frog home and now George the frog sleeps in a cage in the toddler’s bedroom and sits beside her while she has breakfast.
  • Juliana the toddler is not allowed to kiss the frog as it can carry salmonella but can pick, hold and hug George as long as she washes her hands afterwards.

When toddler Juliana Allon saw a white tree frog from a pet store in Panama City, Florida in August, she knew she wanted the frog. Her mom Brandie said, the frog was fat and squishy-looking that Juliana wanted to hug him straightaway.  

Brandie recalled that the store let Juliana pick and hold the newly-given up frog and said, ‘Mommy, please, please, please!’ and I couldn’t say no.” And thus, they came home with the frog for the price of $40. 

Juliana wasted no time in naming the frog George and from then on, they did everything together.

At breakfast and when watching TV, George perches on her shoulder or sits on her stroller.  

Photo Credit: SWNS

Brandie said, “He just crawls to the top of her shoulder, and they walk around together. He manages to hang on somehow.”

She adds that the frog sits calmly at the table when Juliana is having breakfast next to her.  And when they leave the house, Juliana would not forget to say ‘bye bye baby frog, I’ll be back’.”

The frog even went with her to her grandmother’s house to be shown off to them.

Photo Credit: SWNS

And George enjoys sleeping in Lillie’s bedroom in a cage with a heat lamp and has a diet of plenty of worms. The other pets, a dog and cat, do not have the same privilege.

Once Juliana wakes up, she says ‘baby frog’ and wants to hold him right away.


Brandie says that they are teaching Juliana not to kiss George as frogs can carry salmonella.  They allow her to hug the frog but make sure she washes her hands afterwards.

There was an incident when George peed on Julia and she didn’t like it much.

The frog which is a species found in New Zealand and Australia turns dark brown when stressed or threatened.  But they know he’s happy as it turns green and turquoise when Juliana picks him up.

Brandie is amazed at the bond that the two are sharing. She said, “I never thought we would get a frog, but if you find an old soul like George, I’d definitely recommend getting a pet frog. He’s just a happy little fellow.”

Source: Good News Network