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Michigan man’s idea makes town one of the ‘Nicest Places in America’ [Video]



  • Scott Chittle built an ice rink to get the community come together.
  • The ice rink became a hotspot in the town — bringing children to skate and parents to gather around, as chilly air smelled of hotdogs and hot chocolate.
  • Scott’s work made the community land as finalist in “Nicest Places in America.”

It could have been a dark winter in the quiet little town of Manton, Michigan, until a good-hearted man decided to turn it around.

When COVID-19 forced the town to shut down, and outdoor activities and social gatherings were set aside, Scott Chittle took it upon himself to create a safe place for the community to come together. And Scott did not want it to be just an ordinary space, but a place of laughter and warmth in the peak of winter time.

‘Field of Dreams,’ a backyard ice rink, was then born, giving the best activity to get people outside in the cold.

Scott built the ice rink with a little help from YouTube tutorials, some lumber to create the walls, a large 3,000 square foot tarp online, and 12 firetrucks to fill the plot with enough water.

Photo Credit: CBS Evening News/YouTube

Everything was set, but nobody came and Scott didn’t want this winter wonderland to be for nothing. So, he went door-to-door, driving his neighbors to see his creation and bring their children with them. After all, it’s one blissful way to give their kids great childhood memories.

Soon after, Scott’s ice rink became a hotspot in the little town — with children skating and shooting, people sharing stories and laughter, chilly air smelling of hotdogs and hot chocolate, and string lights twinkling at night.

Parents have been grateful that their kids were not on their gadgets, but were instead savoring the cool winter time outdoors with their friends.

“When things were tough, it was a place,” neighbor Audrey Hooker said. “It was fantastic because the whole community just came together. It was amazing how everybody worked together because of Scott.”

Donations started pouring in especially when the community learned how much money Scott spent to build the project. A Facebook fundraiser gave about $1,300, and letters sent to Scott, some with cash, brought in an additional $1,500.


“I have had almost 30 complete strangers knock on my door to just shake my hand and say thank you,” Scott said. “Most of them handed me money as well. Three of them asked for a hug.”

Companies also began sending supplies for next year’s ice rink.

Scott wanted to show the world what a little effort, coupled with the best intentions and done by a community, “can do not only for others but for the souls of all.”

Photo Credit: CBS Evening News/YouTube

“I think the main thing that I want everybody to know is that memories for kids last a lifetime,” Audrey said. “Scott made that possible on the darkest of days.”

And also, Scott just made his hometown a finalist for Reader’s Digest’s “Nicest Places in America” contest.

It’s no surprise if they win this.

Source: Good News Network