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Mom Brings Orphaned Kittens Home To Foster Them But Her Dog Decided To Be Foster Mom Instead [Video]



  • Kendal Benken saw a post online about the three orphaned kittens that needed help.
  • She acted right away and welcomed the kittens into her home.
  • But the moment the kittens arrived, Truvy, one of her dogs, decided she would take over the role of being the foster mom.

When Kendal Benken saw a post on the internet about three orphaned kittens that needed help to be bottle-fed, she offered to lend a hand right away.

“The COVID-19 outbreak hit, and I was sheltering at home,” Kendal told The Dodo. “I was looking for something to do. Who doesn’t enjoy cute little kittens? I saw it as a great opportunity.”

Photo Credit: Kendal Benken

Jelly’s Place, an animal rescue in San Pablo, California, gave Kendal the approval to become the foster mom of the kittens. But as soon as she took the kittens home, it became apparently clear that Truvy, her 105-pound Lab mix, wanted to take over her job.

“It’s so funny, when I brought them in she was immediately like, ‘Let me at ’em,’” Kendal said. “She took to them immediately. They’re her babies.”

Photo Credit: Kendal Benken

Truvy makes it a point “her babies” are never taken out of her sight. So she sits next to them, watches them closely, and constantly cleans them.

Whenever Kendal tries to bottle-feed the kittens, Truvy is not at all pleased with that. She doesn’t want someone else touching the kittens so she pushes her mom aside.

Photo Credit: Kendal Benken

“When I was trying to get the feedings done I’d have to put her out of the room, she would try to manage me,” Kendal said. “She has taken such ownership of them.”

The pup also makes it a point her other dog siblings know that her kittens are off-limits. She pushes the other dogs away as she stands in guard of the kittens and whenever they try to interrupt her when she’s cleaning the kittens, she gives them a stern warning.

Photo Credit: Kendal Benken

It came to a point when Truvy got tired of Kendal and the other dogs trying to interfere with her babies so she decided to hide them. She took the kittens out from their crate and put them behind Kendal’s dresser in her bedroom. 

“She wants to keep treating them like they’re her babies.”

Truvy herself needed someone to take care of her when she was young and perhaps she is paying forward the kindness she received from Kendal. 

Source: The Dodo