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Mom Prints “About Me” Pages For Her Three Cats And Posts Them On The Window So Neighbours Can Know More About Them 



  • Sister cats Midnight, Lightning, and Nebula, have different personalities but they love doing something in common; watch the neighborhood.
  • Their neighbors love watching them back too and perhaps know a little more about them.
  • So their mom thought of printing an “About Me” page for each of them and posted it on the window so people can know them a little bit more.

Whether it’s through the window in their mom’s bedroom or in the yard, the three sister cats, Midnight, Lightning, and Nebula, love to do something in common; watch their neighborhood—and their neighbors love watching them back for sure. 

“We don’t always get so much foot traffic, but with the coronavirus lockdown, all our neighbors are out wandering,” their mom, Chris Ma Spoonóg, told The Dodo. “All of a sudden, the girls have a big audience.” 

The Dodo | Chris Ma Spoonóg

Chris noticed that the number of people who seemed to enjoy watching her girls are growing, especially the kids. With this, she’s glad that her cats were making people happy, the same way they do to their family each day.

“I noticed Nebula sort of licking or nuzzling something in the windowsill, and it was a very used toy tiger,” Chris said. “I flipped, I thought she stole it! And then I saw a little blonde head out on the path! It was a very shy little girl, sharing her favorite toy with the nice kitty.”

After what happened, Chris kept thinking about the kids who want to play and perhaps know her cats a little more—suddenly, she thought of the best idea. She printed photos of her cats with their “About Me” information and then displayed them on the window so anyone could see them.

The Dodo | Chris Ma Spoonóg

I thought she and other kids passing might like to be able to pet Nebs and just have something fun to read on their little walks,” Chris said. “Our world is so small and repetitive right now, a little brightness can’t be a bad idea, right?”

The Dodo | Chris Ma Spoonóg

Creating the “About Me” pages wasn’t hard at all because they have different personalities. “The girls all have so much character, the bios practically wrote themselves,” she said. 

The Dodo | Chris Ma Spoonóg
The Dodo | Chris Ma Spoonóg

Now, anyone passing by who wants to know more about each of them and make friends with them can do that easily. This may be simple but it certainly brings happiness to people.

Source: The Dodo