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Mom Used to Get Mad At Her Dogs For Scratching The Window Seat… Until She Found Out Why [Video]



  • The owner of two Golden retrievers shared that she used to get angry at Chowder and Gumbo for ruining the window seat.
  • When she found out the reason, her heart melted.
  • Chowder and Gumbo scratched the window seat unintentionally. They were just excited to see their mom from the window as she comes home from work.

Chowder and Gumbo’s owner has given up on telling the two Golden retrievers to stop scratching their window seat.  It is not out of exasperation as the two would not stop from doing it, but because she found out the dogs have the sweetest reason for it.

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In the viral heartwarming video that the owner shared on TikTok, the duo can be found cheerfully welcoming their mom. But the window seat is now covered with a fluffy blanket. The cover will not only protect the window seat from scratch, but it will also warm the two dogs as they wait for their mom.

In the caption, the owner explained: “I used to get mad at my dogs for scratching up the window seat but when I realized they get up there to watch me coming home from work I decided to add some blankets so they can be cozy while they wait for me.”  The owner could not help but follow it up with: “We don’t deserve dogs.”

Photo by Cloé fontaine on Unsplash

A 2011 study by Therese Rehn and Linda Keeling observed how dogs behave when they are left alone. They found out that dogs miss their owners. And they would enthusiastically greet them when they come home, however short or long they have been gone.

Thus, the owner no longer cares if the window seat gets shredded.  Their dogs love them and are not afraid to show them they were missed. And animal lovers agree as the video becomes viral.

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Comments are gushing over the dogs’ behavior like @snowdogmommy who wrote: “Mommy or Daddy coming home is the best part of their day.” @nancyrectorphillips quipped: “We call that ‘Paw Patrol.’” And @Raye added: “We all liked that* the Golden association approves.”

TikTok user @melly96k thought of what might come with: “Aww yes, one day they won’t be here to climb up there & watch you come home.” And Carstarzz agreed: “I catch my dog on my bed when I get home. I don’t get mad but we pretend like ‘uh oh’. But he’s watching me from the window.”

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Now we all want a Chowder and a Gumbo, or both, in our lives.

Source: Newsweek