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Mother-Daughter Duo Puts Chalk Art Display On Sidewalk To Make Neighbors Smile



  • This mother-daughter duo starts doing artwork exhibit, displaying drawings on the sidewalk of their neighborhood.
  • The artwork brings smiles in people’s faces during this virus outbreak.
  • The artists post photos of their chalk drawings on social media and the internet loves it.

The community quarantine leaves people to their own devices, left to make a decision on how to spend their doubled free time. Many put their creativity to good use but this mother-daughter team takes the prize.

Jan and Olivia Riggins from Fort Worth, Texas launch their artwork exhibit for anyone to find. The mother-daughter duo started drawing on the sidewalk of their neighborhood two months back, only chalks and their imagination.

Here are 15 of our favorites:

1. The exhibit started with these koi fish. Olivia saw her mom drawing the fish on the sidewalk and decided to draw the second one herself.

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2. From here on out, the mother-daughter duo decided on adding something new to their artwork collection by the sidewalk and each piece turns out better than the last one.

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3.  Jan and Olivia are pros when it comes to chalk art. The pair often participates in sidewalk art competitions even before the coronavirus lockdown.

4. These days in quarantine made them appreciate chalk art more. Putting smiles on people’s faces is as rewarding as it could get.

5. This is their surprise for the little boy in their community for his birthday. The boy was saddened after he was told there was no birthday party for him this year, so the mother-daughter duo left a surprise right outside his door!

6. It seems that the artwork collection uplifted the spirits of many, not just the birthday boy. The entire neighborhood awaits whatever chalk drawing comes up next.

7. The artwork collection by the sidewalks has gone viral.

8. “Very surprised,” Jan said. “I think it’s fun to do, and I didn’t really think it was going to get this sort of attention.”

9. The artists find themselves bonding better than ever.

10. “We started doing this because we enjoy sharing art with others, and it’s been an amazing bonding experience for the two of us,” Jan added.

11. The mother-daughter duo would perhaps continue with their artwork installations after the community quarantine. Better for us!

12. This could start a neighborhood tradition. There would be no surprises on that bit.

13. After all, “Neighbors are offering to buy us more pastels and offering up the use of their driveways,” Jan said.

14. Seein’ these artworks on the sidewalk on a daily walk would be such a treat!

15. This is another story where the process is just as remarkable as the end result.

Jan and Olivia Riggins make a great team. There is no doubt that anybody would be lucky to have this family for their neighbor, especially with this artwork installation that could brighten any day.  More pictures of their artworks are posted on Instagram.

Source: Inspire More