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NBA Star James Harden Forms Special Bond with MSU Shooting Survivor [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden brought joy to John Hao, a Michigan State shooting survivor and fan, by inviting him and his family to a thrilling NBA playoff game. Harden’s 42-point performance and the signed sneakers he gifted Hao added to the uplifting atmosphere of the day.
  • Beyond the game, Harden has been a pillar of support for Hao since the tragic incident, offering encouragement, financial assistance, and even making a heartfelt phone call to urge him to stay strong. Harden’s kindness has not only sparked a unique bond but has also turned Hao into a dedicated 76ers fan.
  • Despite the hardship he faces, Hao remains committed to graduating from Michigan State and returning to his normal life as soon as possible. His resilient spirit, buoyed by the connection with his sports hero, is a shining example of positivity and the strength to keep pushing forward.

In a heartwarming moment during the NBA playoffs, Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden made a special connection with John Hao, a Michigan State shooting survivor who has been paralyzed due to the tragic incident.

Following a thrilling overtime victory, Harden handed over his signed sneakers to Hao, who was attending the game as his guest, making it a day to remember for the young fan.

Harden’s bond with Hao goes beyond the basketball court, as the two had been in touch via FaceTime since the tragic shooting took place on the East Lansing campus in February.

Upon learning that Hao was a fan of his, Harden took the initiative to reach out and offer support. He sent sneakers, made a financial donation, and made a heartening call to Hao, encouraging him to “keep fighting.”

The 20-year-old international student from China was all smiles as he watched his hero score 42 points and lead the 76ers to victory. This brief respite from his rehabilitation was much needed and certainly uplifting.

Harden had invited Hao and his parents to attend a game once they were able to travel, and the family enjoyed the match from a club box at the Wells Fargo Center.


Sporting Harden’s No. 1 Sixers jersey, Hao was full of gratitude for the basketball star’s kindness.

“When I got injured, he read the news about that, he just came to give us all the support we need,” Hao told The Associated Press.

“I’m so appreciative of that.”

Hao’s journey has been challenging, but his spirits remain high, thanks in part to the bond he shares with Harden. The NBA player’s support has even turned Hao into a dedicated 76ers fan.

“He taught me to keep strong,” said Hao.

The Michigan State shootings took place during evening classes in February, claiming three lives and injuring five others. Students were ordered to shelter in place for four hours while police hunted for the shooter, Anthony McRae, who eventually took his own life when confronted by authorities.


As for Hao, the future is uncertain. He remains committed to graduating from Michigan State and is considering moving back to China to be with his parents.

Despite the challenges ahead, his spirit is strong, and he hopes to return to his normal life and rehabilitation as soon as possible.

In a world filled with adversity, it’s heartwarming to see people like James Harden reaching out and making a positive difference in someone’s life.

This story of friendship and resilience is truly a testament to the power of kindness and the unbreakable bond between fans and their sports heroes.

For John Hao and James Harden, this unforgettable game will forever be a symbol of hope and the strength to keep pushing forward.