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New Yorker In Quarantine Uses A Drone To Meet A Woman Dancing On The Rooftop, They Are ‘Dating’ Now [Video]



  • Jeremy Cohen, just like other Americans in quarantine, was stuck home and quite bored with the isolation.
  • But then he saw a woman dancing on the rooftop nearby and he felt like he just had to meet her.
  • So he flew his drone with his phone number towards her and the rest is something we all look forward to.

As the saying goes, “Love conquers all,” not even a pandemic can stop a man in love from finding a way—just like Jeremy Cohen, a New Yorker who is in self-quarantine but has found a way to get connected with a neighbor by flying a drone to give her his number after he saw her dancing on a rooftop.

Jeremy is a music photographer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn. He has worked with big stars in the entertainment industry such as Miley Cyrus and Lizzo. But now, he is one of the many Americans becoming quite bored with the isolation, having not much to do—that is until he saw someone gracefully dancing on a rooftop nearby.

“I thought she was really cute from far away,” Jeremy told The New York Post. “During this quarantine, I think everyone is fiending for social interaction. I was like, ‘Oh my god, a girl. I haven’t seen one for so long.’”

Being a filmmaker, it has come naturally for him to document such exciting moments like this. In a series of videos that have now become viral, Jeremy and his girl crush are seen waving to each other, sadly the distance is too great to even make a conversation.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Cohen

Driven by the necessity and a sudden surge of inspiration, Jeremy wrote his phone number on a paper, attached it to a drone and flies it towards the “cute” woman.

Tori Cignarella, the dancing girl on the rooftop, has also sparked interest since posting on Instagram her kind of life in quarantine.

“I was actually hanging out with my roommate … and I was actually doing the dance from ‘High School Musical, We’re All in this Together,’” Tori said.

“I was not expecting to get a phone number out of it. We could see his balcony pretty clearly from where we were on the roof and he basically just kind of shouted over to me,” she added.

Jeremy said on the Tiktok video that it is “normally daunting” for him to flirt and that he is a hopeless romantic.

In another video, both of them can be seen as having a romantic meal from each other’s balconies. 

“This date is going really well,” Jeremy said in a post. “Depending on how long this quarantine lasts, I might just end up in a long-distance relationship with someone who lives across the street.”

They are laughing and having a good time while on FaceTime. Jeremy has decided, “It’s time to take this relationship to the next level,” while looking at the camera with passionate eyes.


Source: Good News Network



Keanu Reeves Brings Joy to Coffee Shop With a Dash of Duke Caboom!



Quick Smiles:

  • Keanu Reeves surprises fans by stepping into his “Toy Story 4” character, Duke Caboom, at a mobile coffee shop in Moab’s desert.
  • The actor played with his character’s toy, making it do flips and declaring, “Canada’s greatest stuntman!” bringing joy to the Urban Sailor Coffee employees.
  • “Grateful for the unforgettable moments… alongside the one and only Keanu Reeves!” shares an elated Archer, an employee of Urban Sailor Coffee.

Everyone loves a surprise, and Keanu Reeves has a knack for delivering joy when least expected!

During a delightful encounter at Urban Sailor Coffee, a cozy mobile coffee shop nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Moab, Reeves not only shared smiles but also created a lasting memory for the fans and employees present.

🙏 Feeling incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support and love garnered from the Moab trip with the coffee bar motorcycle! 🌄💕 Thanks to all of you for the views, likes, and encouragement. Starting Urban Sailor coffee on my motorcycle sidecar has been an incredible journey, and I’m thrilled to have you all along for the ride! ☕🏍️ #Gratitude #UrbanSailorCoffee @UrbanSailorCoffee #MotosInMoab #keanureeves #NormanReedus #RideWithNormanReedus #DukeKaboom

♬ Devil Eyes – Hippie Sabotage

A sense of jubilation floated in the air when the beloved actor, known for his humble and down-to-earth nature, spotted a toy of his character from “Toy Story 4,” Duke Caboom, perched like a mascot on the coffee stand.

Without missing a beat, his eyes sparkled, and a radiant smile spread across his face. Without any exchange of words, it was clear to everyone; he was amongst fans!

Reeves couldn’t resist the allure of nostalgia and spontaneously stepped into his character’s voice. Filling the space with vibrant energy, he proclaimed his well-known line, “Canada’s greatest stuntman!” leaving everyone around brimming with joy.

Adding more to the delightful moments, he cheerfully played with the toy, making Duke perform flips like the incredible stuntman he’s portrayed to be in the movie.

The employees of Urban Sailor Coffee, especially Archer, were overjoyed by the unexpected visit and Reeves’s warm interactions.


“Grateful for the unforgettable moments spent in the breathtaking landscapes of Moab alongside the one and only Keanu Reeves!” Archer gleefully shared on TikTok.

His genuine love for nature and easygoing personality made the encounter even more memorable and pleasant for everyone present.

And it seems that this wonderful experience is destined to become a cherished tale at Urban Sailor Coffee, one that the employees will joyfully recount to future customers and anyone willing to lend an ear to this heartwarming interaction with the truly kind and ever-amazing Keanu Reeves.

Here’s to more surprising and joyful encounters with our favorite stars, adding a sprinkle of magic to our everyday lives!


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Kind Hearts Shield Convertible From Pouring Rain! [Video]



man umbrella rain hail storm run 3581659

Quick Smiles:

  • Four benevolent souls rush to the aid of a stranger’s convertible soaking in the sudden rain, bringing smiles to all who witness.
  • Using a pop-up tent, these unsung heroes ensure the car is shielded, showcasing a spontaneous act of kindness and community spirit.
  • This heartwarming scene rekindles faith in humanity and serves as a wonderful reminder of the goodness residing in people’s hearts.

There’s a certain kind of magic in witnessing spontaneous acts of kindness, especially when they unfold amidst unexpected storms.

In a moment caught in a TikTok video, we see the world becoming a bit warmer, a bit kinder, as four empathetic individuals rush to the aid of a convertible caught in the unrelenting rain.

We might not know who the owner of the convertible is or why their roof wasn’t up, but what we do know is the compassion and community spirit that filled the air as the rain poured down.

It’s a delightful scene, witnessing these kind souls, strangers to the car owner, springing into action to shield the soaking car.


Good people do exist ♬ original sound – FJerry

In a display of teamwork and kindness, they bring over a pop-up tent, meticulously ensuring it’s stable and securely placed over the car. Every careful adjustment, every thoughtful touch, encapsulates the essence of human connection and shared responsibility.

While it’s probable the car had suffered some damage, the considerate efforts of these kind hearts unquestionably made a difference.

In a world teeming with haste and individual concerns, witnessing such unprompted acts of generosity and care is indeed refreshing. It’s moments like these, where kindness is the hero, that bolster our faith in humanity, reminding us that the spirit of altruism and compassion is alive and well.


This uplifting incident is a beacon of hope and inspiration, gently nudging us to look around and extend a helping hand, to add a sprinkle of kindness in someone’s day.

After all, the essence of life is intertwined with the moments of goodwill we share, the smiles we spread, and the hearts we touch.

Isn’t it wonderful to realize that the world is still full of people willing to go that extra mile to spread joy and alleviate discomfort? It’s these endearing acts, these gentle whispers of kindness, that truly make the world go round, creating a symphony of love and compassion for all to hear.

So here’s to the kind souls who protect and care, who spread love without a second thought. Let’s follow in their footsteps and color the world with kindness, one thoughtful act at a time!


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Cute Animals

Golden Buddies’ Sun-Filled Day of Play Spreads Joy and Smiles! [Video]



dogs golden retriever playing dogs 2556820

Quick Smiles:

  • Golden Retrievers, Oatmeal and buddy, bring laughter and light with their delightful playdate in the park.
  • A viral TikTok clip captures the furry friends embarking on various adventures, from splashing in puddles to a friendly game of chase.
  • This heartwarming moment reminds us of the simple joys of play and friendship, echoing the importance of socialization and health for our four-legged companions.

Isn’t it delightful to see our fuzzy companions frolicking in the sun, playing chase, and splashing about in mud puddles?

We find a piece of pure, unadulterated joy in a playful moment caught on a TikTok video by @goldenchilaquil, featuring two adorable Golden Retrievers, including one named Oatmeal.


Mr Oatmeal got me in the water again! 🥣🫧💦 #fyp #dogtok #dogsoftiktok #chilaquil #doglover #petsoftiktok #goldenretriever #losangeles

♬ original sound – Chilaquil

Their wagging tails and ecstatic greetings set the tone for a day filled with happiness and simple pleasures.

Amidst the sun’s gentle warmth and the park’s vibrant green, our golden buddies engage in amusing escapades, each one brimming with joyful zest.

For our lovely fur-babies, much like us, socialization is a key aspect of a fulfilled life. Interaction with their furry peers not only helps them learn appropriate behavior and essential life skills but also fosters a sense of confidence.

Regular social engagements not only ward off feelings of anxiety and depression in our pets but also mitigate the chances of destructive behavior.

Active play brings along myriad health benefits as well. Remember the joyous splashes in the puddles? That swimming is a superb low-impact exercise, aiding muscle development and promoting joint health.


Even the sheer act of running around the grassy expanses can do wonders for their cardiovascular health and keep those extra pounds at bay!

But it’s not just about fun and games. Oatmeal and his charming friend share activities that are therapeutic, enhancing their physical and emotional well-being. In the act of digging and running, they find moments of stress relief and joy.

In our fast-paced lives, we sometimes overlook the simple joys. The laughter and happiness radiating from Oatmeal and his friend serve as gentle reminders to step out and relish in the unabated joy of play and companionship.

A sun-filled day in the park, a wagging tail, a splash in the puddle—sometimes, that’s all the therapy we need, to paint our lives with the colors of joy and happiness.

Let’s take a cue from our golden buddies. Let’s slow down, embrace the warmth of the sun, the laughter of friends, and the sheer delight of living in the moment. After all, a happy heart and a joyful spirit are timeless treasures!


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