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Olivia the Cat Waits For Food On The Same Tile Spot Everyday



  • Starting with a morsel of chicken that fell on the tile, Olivia now thinks that the tile is the source of her delicious treats.
  • Her family leave treats every now and then for a year now to keep Olivia’s excitement.
  • Her family enjoys the thrill that Olivia shows whenever there is food left on that one tile.

As far as Olivia the cat is concerned, there is a tile in her family’s kitchen that magically gives her food.  It is a magic tile.  Don’t convince her otherwise.

It started a year ago when her mom Melissa Peña was busy preparing dinner.  A piece of chicken landed on the tile without her bending to pick it up.  But Olivia walked in, and ate the tiny morsel off the floor.

Photo Credit: Melissa Peña

For Olivia, it was a treat from the tile. And so, it began that she would check on the specific floor tile to see if it had another delicious offering.  The family thought that it was hilarious that every day for a week, Olivia would sniff on the same spot several times a day.

To make her dream come true, the family decided to leave a piece of food on the tile and watch her reaction.  Truly, when Olivia saw the food on the tile, it affirmed her belief that the tile was really magical.

Photo Credit: Melissa Peña

And the family keeps the ploy by leaving bits of food when Olivia is not there in the kitchen.  It is always a thrill for Olivia to find food on the magic tile.  Even on days when there is no food there, Olivia would check and smell the tile, looking for treats.

For Olivia, it is the magic tile that keeps on giving.  But it is really her family’s love for her that abundantly gives, but they let her be.  They would not have it any other way.

Photo Credit: Melissa Peña

But they do not do it too often so as not to lose the magic for Olivia.

Peña said, “We love that it makes her happy! She’s very loved and, honestly, watching her reaction is so fun! We all enjoy watching her excitement.”  

Source: The Dodo