One Community Steps in to Save the House of Orphaned Brothers [Video]

  • Two orphaned brothers, Jaylan Gray and Julian Nicholson, inherited a house that got damaged by a hurricane and winter freeze.
  • The house needed repairs but Jaylan could not do it on his own while taking care of his brother at the same time.
  • The whole community got together to renovate the house, giving the brothers a safe place to live in. 

Brothers Jaylan Gray, 22, and Julian Nicholson, 12, lost their parents and their grandparents. The responsibility of taking care of his brother has since rested on young Jaylan’s shoulders. And since he made a promise to their mom, he’s not reneging on that promise.

Photo Credit: @ KPRC 2 Click2Houston (YouTube)

Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and the winter freeze in 2021 destroyed the home that they inherited.

Jaylan was about to give up. He said, “At one point, I was just done with the house.” He added, “I was ready to sell it… It was too much weight on my shoulders. I couldn’t do it.”

Little did he know, angels were on their way to ease their burdens.

The non-profit Katy Responds, which has been helping Texas families recover from disasters, has Jaylan and Julian’s home next on its list.

Within 3 months, dozens of local volunteers from the brothers’ community completed their house’s renovation.

One Community Steps in to Save the House of Orphaned Brothers
Photo Credit: @ KPRC 2 Click2Houston (YouTube)

Katy Responds Executive Director Ron Peters said, “There’s just no way they could’ve lived in it and probably would’ve never fixed it.”

He told the brothers, “I want you to have a safe place to live. I want you to be able to not worry about your home, for a few years.”

“This is what we do,” Peters added. “It’s hard work. It’s non-profit work, but it’s why we do it is for those guys.”

For Jaylan and Julian, feeling loved by the whole community makes them eternally grateful.

One Community Steps in to Save the House of Orphaned Brothers
Photo Credit: @ KPRC 2 Click2Houston (YouTube)

Through tears, Julian said, “It makes me so happy to see that there’s good people. I just like the way we’ve been treated. I didn’t think anything good would happen.”

But good things do happen, Julian.

Enjoy your home and stick together, Jaylan and Julian! 

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