Outrageous Dog Loves To Swim…In The Neighbor’s Pool!

  • Ruby has always been a rule breaker and she loves that. 
  • Recently, she learned how enjoying it was to swim — in the neighbor’s pool! 
  • Her mom and her family are not amused with it any longer, she needs to get her own pool! 

Ruby was a stray dog when her family found her last year. She wandered in the neighborhood, and they tried to look for his parents, but nobody came forward to claim her. She was also not microchipped so they decided to make her officially their own, and gave her a forever home! 

Since then, she’s become that outrageous child in the family and they have learned to expect wild things from her. She also hates bath time, but her family never knew she loves swimming — but of course, in her most crazy way — swimming in the neighbor’s pool! 

Photo Credit: Denise McFarland

“I had let her out to go potty and about 20 minutes later went back to let her back in and she was nowhere to be found,” her mom, Denise McFarland, told The Dodo. “My son discovered that she had knocked down a fence board and dug a hole to get into the neighbors’ yard and take herself for a swim.”

So they immediately went to get her and fix the fence but knowing that Ruby had already discovered the swimming pool, things were just starting to get more out of control. 

As expected, Ruby snuck again at their neighbor’s pool and took herself for a swim then it happened multiple times and her family was no longer amused with it. 

“She needs her own pool,” Denise said. “I tried to get her a kiddie pool back in July/August but there were shortages because of COVID and I couldn’t find one. 

As for Ruby, she’s certainly aware that she’s breaking rules when she gets into the neighbor’s yard and swims in the pool with neither their permission nor her parent’s. But she just loves breaking rules as much as she loves swimming. 

“She is very proud of herself,” McFarland said. “She can’t understand why we won’t just let her enjoy her swim.”

Don’t worry Ruby, you’ll soon have your own pool for sure and we are looking forward to that!

Source: The Dodo

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