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Paws for a Moment: Golden Retrievers Holding Hands Become Internet’s Latest Sweethearts



Quick Smiles:

  • Golden Retrievers Chase and Chester melted hearts across the internet when a video of them holding paws went viral on TikTok.
  • Veterinarian Dr. Patrik Holmboe highlights the benefits of having multiple dogs, including increased safety, companionship, and socialization.
  • The delightful duo received a wave of love on TikTok, with users expressing their adoration in comments.

It seems the internet has fallen head over heels in love again, and this time it’s with a couple of golden retrievers, Chase and Chester, from Los Angeles.

The pair, known for their adorable antics on TikTok, were recently spotted by their owner doing something incredibly sweet — holding paws.

The viral video, posted on July 1 to the page @chasin_chester, shows the two golden retrievers nonchalantly lounging by the window, one dog’s chunky paw resting on the other’s.

The heart-melting scene was aptly captioned: “Sometimes I walk in on them doing cute things.”

It’s no secret that dogs are pack animals, and according to Dr. Patrik Holmboe, a veterinarian at Cooper Pet Care, having more than one dog can provide benefits not just for the owner, but for the dogs themselves.


“Dogs are pack animals, and so having more individuals in the pack (and particularly more dogs) can help dogs feel safer and more comfortable” said Holmboe.

Having two dogs, according to Holmboe, allows them to provide each other with physical and mental exercise.

This companionship helps to keep them engaged, reduces boredom, and decreases the chances of them performing bad behaviors.

Socialization is also a vital part of a puppy’s training, and an older dog can often do some of the work for the owner.

As Holmboe pointed out, “Having multiple dogs allows them to teach each other good manners and behaviors.”

As expected, the video of Chase and Chester garnered an overwhelming amount of love on TikTok.


Users left comments like, “I looooooooove them” and “Goldens being golden,” with one user especially charmed by their “chunky paws.”