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Persian Cat Delights Internet with His “Catspreading” Pose



  • A Reddit user posted photos of his cat Freddie sitting almost upright with his paws placed in front of him and his back legs spread wide apart, making the net laugh.
  • A Reddit editor has dubbed it “Catspreading” after men’s way of sitting called “Manspreading”.
  • The Persian cat and its owner Gustavo Starke have not seen each other in almost five months so Gustavo decided to post the photos because he misses him.

Gustavo Starke currently lives in Canada. And his Persian cat, Freddie, named after Queen’s Freddie Mercury, lives with his parents.  Gustave says he has not seen Freddie in almost five months and he misses him very much.  

To stave of the missing, he decided to post photos of Freddie sitting upright with his front paws carefully placed in front of him and his back legs spread wide apart.  One Reddit editor named the pose “Catspreading.”

So far, the post has already received 34,000 upvotes.

Gustave said that Fredie sits like this often. “I think it’s just because he’s very flexible and loose. I always find him in the funniest places and poses—I have so many funny photos of him. He is the funniest cat I have ever seen. He makes everybody very happy and everybody loves him.”

Freddie’s breed, the Persian cat, have quiet and laid-back personalities and love curling up on their owner’s laps.  With their flat face and signature long hair, they love getting groomed. 

Photo Credit: u/gustaffff (Reddit)

Persian cats were brought to Europe by Italian nobleman Pietro Della Valle in the 1600s and by the late 19th century, they reached the shores of the United States. They originated from Mesopotamia which was later called Persia or what is now modern-day Iran. 

Gustave’s post has captured the hearts and tickled the funny bones of Reddit users like one who said: “I am not being dramatic when I say I would die for your cat.”

Some joked: “This cat is the irl Garfield,” which was added on by another user with “It’s also the epitome of ‘I hate Mondays.’”

One commenter could not help but laugh and say: “He looks the way I feel ngl,” and another added: “That’s the cat who fired me and told me that I’ll never work in this town again.”

Still, one user was concerned with Freddie’s health because of his flat face to which Gustave answered: “I noticed that some people were worried about his flat face and button nose, but I guarantee that he is 100 percent healthy. He runs very fast and jumps very high.”

It is good to know that Freddie’s healthy but we wish you would get to see each other soon.

Source: Newsweek