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Pint-Sized Pup Overcomes Challenges and Becomes Internet Star [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Scrunchie, a French bulldog born with a one-sided cleft lip and palate, overcomes early life challenges thanks to foster carer Emilie Rackovan.
  • A video of Scrunchie playfully interacting with Emilie’s other rescued dog, Jada, gains significant popularity on TikTok, amassing 6.9 million views.
  • Emilie, who works for Best Friends Animal Society, believes in spreading the message of the importance of fostering and adopting, proving that many breeds are available in shelters and rescues, and that such actions are crucial in saving the lives of homeless pets.

Meet Scrunchie, a pint-sized French bulldog with a big personality and a determination to overcome the challenges life has thrown at him.

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This tough little pup was born with a one-sided cleft lip and palate which meant he could not nurse or drink from a bottle due to the risk of aspiration.

Thankfully, Scrunchie found his way into the caring arms of Emilie Rackovan, a committed foster carer.

“He was unable to nurse from his mom or drink from the bottle due to the risk of aspiration,” Emilie shared with Newsweek.

Scrunchie’s inspiring journey is just one amongst the 3.1 million dogs that enter animal shelters every year in America. Foster carers like Emilie play a pivotal role in nurturing these precious animals back to health and confidence.

But there’s more to Scrunchie’s story!


A recent video shared on Emilie’s TikTok account shows Scrunchie’s joyous spirit in full display. Our little bulldog can be seen confidently bouncing over to Jada, Emilie’s other dog who she rescued from a high-kill shelter in 2016.

Originally labeled as “animal aggressive”, Jada has proven this label to be far from the truth, displaying immense patience with her new little brother, Scrunchie.

“Within a couple of weeks, I am sure they will be the best of friends!” Emilie excitedly shared.

The cute video showcasing Scrunchie’s playful dance around Jada has already received 6.9 million views on TikTok and brought smiles to countless faces.

“The tippy taps under the big dog were freaking adorable,” commented one enamored viewer.

In Emilie’s thriving household of foster pets, Scrunchie and Jada are also joined by two cats, Fievel and Lua.


In between playtimes and snuggles, Scrunchie, now six weeks old, loves “playing with toys, playing with the cats and dog, sleeping, snuggling, and—probably most of all—eating,” according to Emilie.

“He is such a silly little guy and is very happy-go-lucky.”

Emilie, who works with Best Friends Animal Society, the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the U.S., fosters kittens and puppies in her spare time.

She believes that sharing their progress on social media “spreads a really important message about fostering and adopting.”

“People learn that they can truly find so many breeds of dogs in shelters and rescues, and why fostering and adopting are so essential to saving the lives of homeless pets,” she added.

Here’s to the inspiring stories of Scrunchie and Jada, and the countless lives touched by the loving care of people like Emilie.


Keep on wagging those tails!