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Publix Supermarket To Buy Fresh Produce And Milk From Farmers And Donate Them To America’s Local Food Banks



  • Publix announced this week their initiative to help farmers and other people in need during these difficult times. 
  • They will buy fresh produce and milk from farmers and donate them directly to food banks by Feeding America.
  • This initiative is set to last for several weeks and is aimed to provide financial aid to farmers.

Publix, a supermarket chain in the U.S. announced this week its initiative to buy fresh products from farmers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They will directly donate these products to the food banks by Feeding America in the area. This initiative is expected to operate for several weeks and is targeting to donate 150,000 lbs. of fresh produce and 43,500 gals. of milk in its first seven days. 

This project will be supporting farmers from Florida, southeastern dairy farmers and the increasing number of families that depend on Feeding America for their supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, and milk during these difficult times. 

Photo Credit: Publix

“As a food retailer, we have the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the needs of families and farmers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic,” says Todd Jones, Publix CEO. “In this time of uncertainty, we are grateful to be able to help Florida’s produce farmers, southeastern dairies and families in our communities.”

After receiving a number of reports that the farmers were left with no choice but to discard the unsold farm and dairy products due to the closure of schools and businesses, Publix acted to support the needs of the farmers and the local food banks through the program.

Photo Credit: Publix

“We are thrilled about Publix’s initiative to buy additional milk from Southeast Milk for processing and donation to Feeding America member food banks,” President Joe Wright of Southeast Milk Inc. said. “It’s a win-win for our farmers who are feeling the impact of decreased demand and the families who are in need of nutrient rich milk during this pandemic.”

CEO Peter F. Pero IV of Pero Family Farms Food Co. also said they are humbled by Publix’s initiative and they are grateful for all the people involved to make it happen.

This is not the first time Publix has contributed to alleviating the lives of the members in its community. Since 2009, Publix has donated billions worth of food donations and they do not have plans of stopping.

Source: Good News Network