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Pup Wraps Arm Around Cat Brother as They Bird-Watch Together in an Endearing Moment [Video]



  • When they first met, Bo the beagle was a naturally timid young puppy, while Jasper the cat was wary of the tiny new addition to the family.
  • But after Jasper welcomed Bo by putting his arm around him, the two have become much closer brothers.
  • One sunny day, the brothers had an adorable moment together when Bo sat beside Jasper to watch the birds and lovingly wrapped his arm around his brother!

Most pet owners are apprehensive of how their pups will react to their cats when they first meet, and vice versa.

Bo the beagle was a naturally timid young puppy, especially when he’s around a cat. Meanwhile, Jasper the cat wasn’t quite sure what to think of the tiny new addition to the family.

Their owner, Lisa Olsen-Plummer, told The Dodo, “Jasper was very cautious of Bo at first. He stayed back and watched from a distance until one day, he went up to Bo and put his arm around him.

Photo Credit: Lisa Olsen-Plummer

“It was almost like he was telling him, ‘It’s OK! Let’s play.’ I think that’s where Bo learned the hug from,” Lisa continued.

The brothers have grown much closer since then.

According to Lisa, the pair still “play hard and instigate one another,” sometimes leading to a fight. “I make them split up — just like kids,” she added.

But these brothers’ bond shines brighter in the quieter moments. When they aren’t sparring, the two enjoy lounging on the sofa together, contently observing the birds who visit their yard.

Last week, Lisa came upon the brothers having an adorable moment together. Bo had jumped onto the sofa to sit beside Jasper. He then lovingly wrapped his arm around Jasper! Luckily, Lisa had her phone with her and she captured the endearing moment.

Photo Credit: Lisa Olsen-Plummer

“They were enjoying the sunny day watching the birds. I was super excited to catch this beautiful bonding moment of two animals showing love for one another,” Lisa told ViralHog.

The clip has since been circulated across social media, reminding everyone that it doesn’t take a lot to feel content. One only needs a sunny day and a good friend to share it with.


You can keep track of Bo and Jasper’s adventures by following them on Instagram.

Source: The Dodo