Rescue Mission Leads To Officer Adopting Dog From Worst Hoarding Situation

  • An officer was called to respond to a hoarding situation in Ross Township.
  • Officer Warren Lillie was shocked at the state of the animals and together with fellow animal advocates, went on to rescue 117 animals in that case alone.
  • As a way to honor his contributions, he was given one of the dogs that they rescued that day.

Officer Warren Lillie has lived his life loving animals. He has substantial knowledge of animal care from his years of being a K-9 handler.Β  He is a staunch advocate for animal welfare. When cases of animal abuse, cruelty and neglect are reported, Lillie will be there first.

Photo byΒ Alin LunaΒ onΒ Unsplash

Two years ago, Lillie encountered the worst case of a hoarding situation in Ross Township, Penn., outside Pittsburgh.

Lillie said, “I was almost in shock, and I’m never shocked by anything I see. I’ve been through shootings, have almost been killed, dragged by cars … and I was so taken aback.” 

He went on to recall that the ammonia level there was so high, a human being would not be able to survive there.

Photo by Irina Zhur/pexels

Donning an oxygen mask, he went on to pull out every dog he could even after his shift. The rescue took 10-12 hours. All in all, 117 animals were rescued from neglect. 

But he was not satisfied with just rescuing the dogs.Β  He oversaw the investigation and gathering of more physical evidence for prosecutors. From this case, Lillie went on to recommend a program educating animal abusers on animal cruelty.

Because of his contributions, the humane organization that led the rescue, Animal Friends, thought of honoring Lillie by giving his family one of the rescued dogs from that day.

Out of all the cute dogs, two people recommended a special dog named Chunk who happened to be the first dog that he pulled out of the building.

Lillie said, “He did turn out to be super special. He’s like a cartoonβ€”so unique and funny. His eyes are so expressive, and he’s so animated and engaged in everything. If he wants your attention he’s going to get it.”

Photo Credit: Officer Warren Lillie

Chunk may have had to work through his behavior and anxiety from being in a hoarding situation but it did not stop him from stealing their hearts and feeling right in with the family.

As for Lillie, he continues to be the voice of animals in these animal abuse and neglect cases.Β  He says he will always be their advocate.

Thank you, Officer Lillie!

Source: Daily Paws

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