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Retired Vet with Alzheimer’s finds comfort with a ‘faithful’ cat [Video]



  • Retired veterinarian Bob Wright had been struggling with Alzheimer’s disease since 2009.
  • His illness almost eclipsed him but when Mooshu the gentle cat came in 2013, everything turned bright again.
  • Mooshu never gets tired of keeping an eye on his dad because he realized that Bob needs him more than ever.

Life for Alzheimer’s patient Bob Wright was hard until his gentle feline friend Mooshu came along.

Patricia, his better half, shared that Bob used to be cheerful for he had found so much comfort with animals as a former veterinarian. However, things turned pale in 2009 when he learned about his Alzheimer’s and the glow that used to radiate in him totally died out.

It was in 2013 when Bob found the ‘energy’ to keep going in life when he met a very sociable and loving cat whom they called Mooshu who loves curling up for a good nestle. The caring cat knew that he had to be by his daddy’s side since he is sick.

In an interview with Dodo, Patricia shared that Bob always has the cat on his lap.

“Now he’s there all the time and he sleeps in his arms at night,” Patricia said.

Photo by Patricia Wright

She shared that they have another cat named Norman but it was Mooshu who had a special connection with the retired vet. Like a dutiful son who feels his father’s struggle, the gentle cat always ‘keeps an eye on him’. This gesture made Patricia believe that Mooshu understands that Bod needs him now more than before.

When Bob gets his shower,” she narrated, “Moosh is the one who is in there meowing and rubbing against him like he’s trying to make sure he’s OK.”

Most of the time, the ‘devoted’ cat stays with his dad but of course, just like other animals, he has to do his own thing but this situation, Patricia realized, upsets her husband. So to resolve this, she unleashed her creative side.

Photo by Patricia Wright

“Bob was so happy with Moosh on his lap and it kept him so calm, that he wasn’t happy unless the cat was there. I had to buy him a robot cat to keep him company when Moosh was doing cat stuff,” she revealed.

Of course, the ever-faithful cat was not happy to see his ‘double’ on his daddy’s lap but he got over it eventually.

Photo by Patricia Wright

With Mooshu by his side, life will not be hard for Bob. The lovable cat is ‘someone’ he will never get tired of enjoying.

“He used to be a veterinarian, so animal contact is very important to him and Moosh willingly supplies it all the time,” Patricia ended.

Source: The Dodo